Galaga controller custom carry case.

Haha, absolutely love this one. I found it whilst image searching for inspiration to help pimp my Mame cabinets graphical frontend.

Galaga Controller custom carry case. Gotta love that hand painted space art.



All it needs now is a Raspberry Pi and you’ve got yourself a neat little lunchbox. More photos can be found at the creators blog page –

More (VIC-20) Phantom Attacks.

Despite a frosty nip in the air I spend this morning giving the garage and garden an early spring cleaning and took a boot load of unused items to the recycle centre. After the big Christmas relax, it’s nice to get out there and get busy.

I was thinking about yesterday’s post and finally putting name to that old Vic-20 game – Phantom Attack and I thought, whilst I’m out here sorting through boxes, I’ll have a look at a few more VIC-20 Mastertronic game covers.

Woo, four pence off Scramble – bargain!


And bugger me, here’s a surprise, there’s a copy of Phantom Attack here too! To think, I’ve had it in my collection all along.


A-ha, I can finally read the instructions and find out what you’ve actually got to do in the game.


Oh right, just shoot stuff then…..through 100 different levels of ‘graphical amazement’.

So that’s a double win for the weekend then and looking through more boxes I’ve got a huge stack of games for various systems that I don’t think I’ve actually played before. More on these to follow.

Retro Gamer Magazine #123

Taking a gamble as to whether it was the latest issue or not, my wonderful wife picked correctly and the latest edition of Retro Gamer Magazine was waiting for me when I got home from work…. and man, what a cover!

Kudo’s to the top cheese who deciding to use it and here’s a huge thumbs up of awesomeness to the art department for adding the faux/cracked cassette case – it practically looks the same as mine….after the accident.


Scanning through the contents page, it looks like it’s going to be a cracking read again. I’m particularly looking forward to the Cinemaware Special, the making of Tempest 2000 & ComicZone, the Salamander main article of course and a look at some of the best 8-bit budget games. Oh and the piece with Gary Kitchen I’ll be saving until last!


Where’s our flippin Christmas cover RG? 🙂 That’s two in a row now, one more and I’ll…well, I’ll probably continue to buy it but come on guys, give me a Santa hat at least!

Thankfully, I have a handful of classic Zzap64 magazines brought off my mate Sophie at Retro Revival on Saturday. One is a Christmas special, so for the time being, festive retro gaming zen is restored….I mean it RG, next years cover had better be festive!