Show Game – Play:Expo 2014

So I’ve mentioned ‘the show game’ moniker in a previous post. It’s that one game I’ll discover/rediscover at a retro gaming event which I find myself returning too throughout the event so much so that it become synonymous with the event itself.

For Play:Expo 2014, the computer game I’ve picked as my show game is a fairly modern release on the Commodore 64.

Blitz 3000

(here played on Jason Kelk’s ‘Old School Gaming’ pimped C64 (which you can read about here – )

IMG_5127 (Medium)

I loved Blitz on the Vic-20, a game I played over and over again back then and still load up from time to time on my Vic. It’s very simple yet this updated C64 version was so much fun and messes with your mind. ‘One more go’ it kept calling!

Out of fuel and steadily descending –  can your bombing skills clear a path so you can land without crashing into Mrs and Mrs Xenomorphs new domed kitchen extension?



and because Play:Expo is Pinball heaven, my Pinball showgame is…….hmmm, this is quite a tough. I did play an awful amount of time on Bally’s Fathom purely because I adore the table art….

80’s pinball art rocks!

044 (Medium)


….and likewise on Gottliebs Robo-War and TX-Sector for their sci-fi  artwork, fast gameplay and uber cool cyclon-esq robotic voices.

IMG_5156 (Medium)


But because of the fun a few of us had playing mini competitions, my Pinball show game has to be –

Black Knight 2000

I’m a bit of a fan of the original Black Knight table and I also play a heck of a lot of its digital counterpart on my iPad courtesy of the Pinball Arcade app. Black Knight 2000 is a much faster game and retains some of the features from original including the useful Magna save to keep you out of trouble on the right hand lane. Completing a rapid succession of  fast loops is a real buzz but pales in comparison to  lighting King’s Ransom –  multiball madness!

103 (Medium)



Play:Expo – Manchester 2014

We had an absolute blast in Manchester last weekend and Play:Expo just keeps getting bigger and better with each year passing. There was so much to see and do at this year’s event and a welcome distraction  between mammoth rounds of pinball and arcade stick waggling.

Here’s a selection of photos i’d taken.

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Arcade heaven at Play:Expo

This weekend it’s the big one….well, in retro gaming terms that is rather than Skynet finally getting his or her way. Play:Expo is just a day away and in a few hours myself and my good lady will be driving to Manchester for a day of R&R (and shopping) prior getting ones game on from Saturday morning.

The list ‘stuff’ at this years event is just staggering – Check out all this lot –

But it’s this particular setup video that’s got me really excited now.


So hopefully, a good weekend all round and am looking forward to meeting up with old friends, having a few laughs and of course, enjoying the odd game or two.

Retro Gaming – Sea Chase

Every time I go to a retro gaming event there’s always one video game (or pinball table) which I like to call ‘the show game’. It’s that one game that becomes synonymous with an event due to the amount of times it’ll keep going back to it throughout the day (‘damn game won’t beat me’ will  usually being muttered along the way 🙂 ) Said game will probably be an oldie I’ve not actually sat down to play before or sometimes it’s a title from my own gaming past that I’m rediscover all over again. Played solo or shared with friends, it’s that one fun game that becomes simply becomes – the show game.

Anyone else have these?

Last months Retro Revival 2014 was no different and my show game for the event was a title I found at random whilst browsing for something else to play on an Atari XEGS after a button bashing warm up session on Satan’s Hollow. Which so happened to be my ‘show game’ from Retro Derby that was held back in July.

Retro Derby, the second  meetup organised by Chris Snowdon (the first can be found here – and )and despite the sweltering heat on one of the hottest days of the year, was bags of fun and my first introduction to the Atari XEGS and the Atari 8-bit version of Satan’s Hollow – which grew on me very quickly and to be honest, I think I  prefer playing this version instead of the arcade original.



Oh and that mini arcade cabinet on the left, yup so cool isn’t it. did a great job on this.


Any-ho, so back to Retro Revival and Keiren had brought along his XEGS setup again and I was casually looking through this games list on his Atari Max flash cart. I played a few well known games, like Donkey Kong and Beam Rider but when I found and started playing Sea Chase, I was instantly hooked…heck, it’s got a submarine in it….subs are cool!

Sea Chase by Eric Fries  – later I’m informed of his association with Microsoft, Xbox, Ouya  and author of Halo 2600. Talented guy!

First highscore.



At first I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but as a seasoned pixel submariner, I hazarded  a guess that the depth charges released from the ship above and the floating mines might not be very good for my periscope. In addition, something ought to be done about that slowly depleting fuel supply.

As you navigate around the deadly obstacles whilst fighting inertia,  treasure items will appear for collecting. After you’ve bagged ten items a torpedo will appears somewhere on screen. Once you’ve collected it, line up for a shot, flood tubes one and….well just one really and light up that pesky ship above. You’ll get one shot only so  if you miss you’ll have to redo the level again.

Scoring is achieved by shooting the depth charges before they explode (avoid the brief shrapnel cloud), blowing away the  fast moving enemy subs and finally torpedoing the  ship. There’s also a time bonus for skilled drivers that can complete the level before the timer runs out.

Sea Chase might look a little basic and if like myself you’ve not played it before, it’s well worth checking out. A  fun little twitch shooter I’m sure you’ll return to again just to top that previous score.

Retro Revival 2014.

Hello again, long time no post!

Last weekend I attended Retro Revival and a chance to indulge in two days of non stop retro gaming goodness and laughs with friends. It’s also my little rewards for all the replastering, sanding, mitring, levelling, grinding,  cutting, swearing, recutting, painting, polishing and swearing that’s kept me busy over the past few months.

We had such a great time as last years event and mini event held in December (see previous post –, ) and have been really looking forward to this one since the dates was announcement and the steady drip feed of show information went into overdrive these past few weeks.

Here’s some of the photo’s I’d taken between games.


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Walkthrough videos are starting to appear on Youtube, here’s one of the good ones


Event organisers Chris and Craig really nailed it with Retro Revival 2014. Here’s to the next one!

Speaking of next one, the second of this years huge retro gaming events Play:Expo is only a few months away. See you there?