Retro Gamer Magazine #123

Taking a gamble as to whether it was the latest issue or not, my wonderful wife picked correctly and the latest edition of Retro Gamer Magazine was waiting for me when I got home from work…. and man, what a cover!

Kudo’s to the top cheese who deciding to use it and here’s a huge thumbs up of awesomeness to the art department for adding the faux/cracked cassette case – it practically looks the same as mine….after the accident.


Scanning through the contents page, it looks like it’s going to be a cracking read again. I’m particularly looking forward to the Cinemaware Special, the making of Tempest 2000 & ComicZone, the Salamander main article of course and a look at some of the best 8-bit budget games. Oh and the piece with Gary Kitchen I’ll be saving until last!


Where’s our flippin Christmas cover RG? 🙂 That’s two in a row now, one more and I’ll…well, I’ll probably continue to buy it but come on guys, give me a Santa hat at least!

Thankfully, I have a handful of classic Zzap64 magazines brought off my mate Sophie at Retro Revival on Saturday. One is a Christmas special, so for the time being, festive retro gaming zen is restored….I mean it RG, next years cover had better be festive!



3 responses to “Retro Gamer Magazine #123

  1. Great minds Stiggy,
    Look forward to my RG dropping through my door every month, a tad disappointed that there is no Xmas festive spirit on the cover “bah humbug”.

    Still a cracking read this month though!

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