Vectrex at night

Boo, the 27th October. It’s today that daylight savings time ends here and the clocks go backwards one hour. Woohoo, an extra hour in bed! But….when we go out for our morning run, it’ll be dark (well, it’s always dark that early), when I drive to work, it’ll be dark. If i end up working in our computer/server room for most of the day (which doesn’t  have windows) i might not see the sun at all….and then the commute home again…in the dark. Repeat for months until March 😦

I like the light, not the dark. Bring back summer days please, when the light can go on and on. When you can sit outside, chew the fat and enjoy a beer right up until 10/11pm without reaching for the lamp.

Hey ho, look on the bright side (sorry!), all this early darkness means that I haven’t got to wait until really late in the evenings to indulge in a spot of night time photography.

…and there’s another thing that benefits from the darkness. The almight MB Vectrex (echo echo echo).


DSCF0288 (Custom)


It’s international Play Your Vectrex Day on Friday (November 1st), so I thought I’d dust down the ol Vec because it’s coming to work with me so that I can  share the awesomeness that it the Vectrex console.

Just lately, I’ve been playing a lot of John Donzilla’s most excellent Missile Command clone – Patriots.

DSCF0272 (Custom)

Here it is again, but this time, I’ve dialled my camera for a long exposure.

How about a nice game of chess?

DSCF0280 (Custom)

Light show with Webwars

DSCF0282 (Custom)

Minestorm….crazy edition 🙂

DSCF0284 (Custom)

Dark evenings…..not so bad after all!