Commodore Free #77


Enjoying a cuppa before work and the very latest issue Commodore Free magazine. I’ll check out the cover tape later on – especially the downhill skiing game.

Check out all the Commodore goodness inside –


* Editorial
* Reader’s Comments
* Commodore Free E-Cover Tape #10
* General News
– QLink Recordings
– Printable 1541 Ultimate Case
– VICE Emulator Online
– C64 Studio Updated
* C64 News
– Head On and Comet Chat 1.5
– Computer Club 2 C64
– WOW C64 Surround Sound
* VIC 20 News
– VIC-20 Flash Memory Expansion
– Pooyan(20) Released For The VIC
– VIC Tunnel Released
– Fast Boy and Bolder Dan Released
* Plus/4 News
– The NST’s Monitor Extension
* PET News
– Editors ROM
* Amiga News
– Amiga Emulation In Chrome Browser
– TurboFlyer 530
– Putty Squad Coming To Amiga
– WinUAE Updated 2.7.0
– Never Been So Much Fun
* Review: Bomberland
* Interview With Samar Productions
* Review: Fastboy for the VIC 20
* Review: Bolder Dan for the VIC 20
* Interview With Misfit
* Review: Pooyan for the VIC 20
* Interview With Adrian Fox
* The Assembly Line – Part $00


Head on over to to grab your copy and if you happen to have a tablet, checkout the new Html5 versions too.

Retro computer magazine scan #2

Good old Silica Shop and in the UK, pretty much synonymous with getting a great deal on either a new Amiga 500 or a Atari ST (or STe) package. Their ads featured in all of the computer magazines of the day and generally drooled over by many who we’re saving up their penny’s to enter the high tech world of 16 bit wonder.

Go back a little further like this scan from issue #4 of Computer and Video Games magazine – February 1982 and we see Silica Shop offering a whole range of funtastic electronic entertainment.


Quite a few of these devices appeared in our parents home back then such as the the Colour Cartridge T.V game, the Atari 2600 console, Speak and Spoll (:-)) and the simply awesome CGL Galaxy 1000 handheld game – which is still have with me today.

So going back, what would tempt me today? Well the Intellivision seems a bit pricey and the Teletext addon is rather pointless considering future TV’s would soon have it as standard and I don’t think our house is big enough for one of those telephone answering machines. So what’s left I wonder?

Well, I quite like the look of the Database TV game – surely the crappiest name for a console but I’m intrigued by those Atari 5200 styled joysticks and the price has been slashed too – Woooo!

You can’t go wrong with an electronic chess set though and the one pictured looks rather awesome. Sadly, I bet that’s the model they’re selling for £259.

The 24 tune electronic door bell could be rather fun and a snip at 13 quid – Just think how many people you could annoy with that one! Likewise the ‘Adding Machine’ might be worth a look also because not only could you have the LCD display ‘80085’, you could print it too 🙂

Decisions decisions!

p.s I brought Earth Invaders in the end.

P.p.s it was crap.

880 Gamer Magazine #2 – Amiga Magazine.

I must have missed this somehow so thanks for the heads up RetroCollect!


880 Gamer Magazine is a digital retro magazine for Commodore Amiga gamers. I’ve only had a quick scan during lunch break this afternoon but am definitely liking what’s going on here. It looks highly polished, had me laughing out loud on the few paragraphs I read and with the inclusion of vintage amiga/game adverts makes it appear just like a genuine publication of the 80’s and 90’s – a feature I wish Retro Gamer Magazine would bring back to their print mag.

The inclusion of a digital cover floppy disk is a great idea too and certainly in keeping with its retro flavour (and highly popular with other fan mags like Commodore Free) but maybe it would have been better to include more recent scene stuff, pd or home brew releases etc rather than a demo of an old game? – I guess that’s the whole point of keeping it old school though?

Either way, after a little more sanding of door frames when I get home tonight,I’m looking forward to putting ones feet up and having a really good look at this and issue #1.

Here the link to the downloads which include the pdf magazine and the adf cover disk.

Christmas fun with Commodore is Free #76

Perfect timing! Feet up, mug of good stuff and the latest issue of Commodore Free magazine.


and for some festive retro gaming, we’ve been having a laugh with Frosty the Snowman 2 which you can find on this months cover E-Tape.

‘Christmas is around the corner and Santa and his elves have hit the bottle. They are too drunk to go into the cave and pick up Christmas presents. So it is up to Frosty to pick them up and return them to the cave. Unfortunately, there is a problem for the poor dude. He has to run a long distance and jump over various hazards in which roam around each scene. Can Frosty or a friend, return presents to drunken old Santa before Christmas Day launches?’



Snow, Santa, presents, Christmas puddings of doom and SID renditions of ‘Walking in the air’, ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ and ‘Fairytale of New York’ what more could you want?





The E-Tape contains a .tap version of the game which is great for emulation or on hardware devices that support it but for  a regular .d64 image for playback on something like a SD2iec, head on over to CSDB –

Everybody now….’We’re walking in the airrrrrr…(do dooo do dooo)…..we’re floating in the moonlit skyyyyyyyy’ etc etc.

IMG_4490 (Custom)