Retro Remakes Mini Arcade to the rescue.

My stamina has certainly been put to the test this week having some pretty hefty I.T. infrastructure issues as work resulted in another eye drooping 24 hour shift followed by a few hours of sleep  followed up with another 4:30am drive back into work and non stop for the next 18 hours. Sleep has been like that elusive powerup that’s just out of reach on that rock hard schmup you’ve been trying to finish.

So, in need of a little pick me up during  lunch break and without having to use too many already exhausted brain cells, it’s the vintage video games I turn to and a particular remake that simplifies a bunch of them even more.

The Retro Remakes Mini Arcade by Minionsoft is a collection of eight vintage games, simplified into little 32×32 pixellated renditions of the classics we all know and love. Enter the arcade and you can  step up to play Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pacman, Scramble, Frogger, Centipede, Arkanoid and Pole Position.

Retro Remakes Mini Arcade

Here’s a scaled up screenshot so you can see all the little details. Each game has the original sounds samples and little touches to each game which I’m sure will make most of you retro gamers smile  . Brilliant stuff indeed from Minionsoft.

pixel arcade machines


You can download the Retro Remake Mini Arcade (Windows) here –

GoG and Humble Bundle weekly promos.

Typical, I book a week off work and come Saturday morning, I wake to rather nasty bout of Man-Flu. All is not lost though as by the power of Grayskull and chicken soup courtesy of my wonderful wife, I’ve had enough strength to lift a single digit and  occasionally stab at my iPad screen thus making good headway into this year’s Christmas gift shopping . I find a ratio of one hour shopping to two hours nap time is paramount to speedy recovery.

..and treating oneself always helps too.

So I picked up these bargain beauties this weekend and a few days later, feeling much better, i can now give them a whirl.

Firstly, the latest Humble Bundle contains a huge pack of Zen Pinball tables (MS Win only) for just $1. Pay above $6 and you’ll get access to even more damn fine tables including Star Wars and Marvel/Avengers.



Now I’ll have to admit, I’m more of a Pinball Arcade fan than Zen Pinball and although it’s looks absolutely stunning, the few Star Wars tables I’d purchased for my iPad were a little difficult to play (especially Empire Strikes Back). However, on PC all those little nuances seem to have gone.


Pinball FX2 (Custom)


Pinball FX2 _b (Custom)

At the time of writing, this bundle is active for the next three days so grab it whilst you still can.

And on to Good Old Games next for there 60% sale price of classic FPS games.

Here I picked up the absolute classic – Medal of Honor:  Allied Assault Warchest collection which includes both the original game and the two expansion packs for a tanking bustin $3.99!

As always, GOG wraps up the package very nicely with plenty of additional bonus content.


mission_2_3 copy

…..and because my original CD is pretty much worn to transparency these days, I’ve also purchased a copy pf Unreal Tournament ’99 (GOTY) for $3.99.  Surely a must for any classic LAN party as it’ll run quite nicely on even a netbook.

Although it’s weekend promo and I’m writing this on Monday, you can still purchase these at the discount price for the next 13 hours or so.





Web Gaming: three casual games #1

‘It won’t even boot’ says my friend, a worried look on her face as she hands me her laptop. ‘One minute it was working, a reboot later and then nothing….have I lost all of my photos?’ more worried looks.

Well the good news is, although Windows is well and truly buggered , the user data seems intact and after installing the drive as a secondary disk in one of my spare machines, I’ve managed to extract all of her stuff and am in the process of reinstalling the O/S again.

It’s sat here chugging away at the restore disk , probably installing a heap of OEM crapware that I’ll have to spend a good few hours hoovering out, but once it’s done, I’ll create a new (CloneZilla) image for her which should make the whole process that much quicker if required again.

So whilst, it’s simmering away, occasionally requiring the odd flick of the mouse, I’ve got a few minutes spare and time for a little casual (web) gaming. Here’s three that I’ve found to be incredibly fun whilst browsing around Kongregate.

Shadow of the Ninja.

Part action, part puzzler, part stealth game. Guide your Ninja across the stage collecting Gem Stones, rescuing prisoners and avoiding detection by using your special Ninja skills.

Things start off slow and easy and serve as a nice tutorial at the beginning of the game before the difficulty increases and a little more thought is required on how to proceed. It appears that Ninja-ing, isn’t all about a well aimed pointy star to the neck!


As an agent of the shadows, you must also be adept in the art of typing. Not only will this help you unpick locks (somehow), it will provide you with a career skill you can fall back to after your Ninja-ing days are done.


Great graphics, great gameplay (as does everything that contains Ninjas) and some really tricky parts to flex those fingers.

Metal Swarm

A great little Galaga style arcade shmup with some rather cool weapons upgrades…..easy at first but hots up towards the end. I still can’t get past the boss stage.



Square Arena

A simple one button minimalist runner that’s on par with Canabalt, Pixel Runner and Robot Unicorn Attack

Pick your side and add points to the global battle or add your own social friends for a one on one battle that can last from one hour to one week. Who will triumph?

A classic contest! Bring it on!


Press Space to jump, hold Space to jump further. How long can you last?


Three great little casual games that are perfect for dipping in and out of from time to time and well worth taking a look. My favourite? I’d have to go with Square Arena which not only plays really well, but it looks looks great and sounds amazing too.

Here’s the links –

PC Indie Gaming: Gentle Gravity

I’m killing time this morning waiting for a gas engineer to swap out our old oven for the one we brought waaaay back over a month ago. It’s been a right old saga involving failed deliveries,  wrong parts, long waits, even longer  customer service telephone calls but hopefully in the next few hours we’ll have everything sorted…and a nice fat compensation cheque from the outlet we purchased it from….anyho…enough about that.

So yeah, I’m killing time and sat  browsing around Kongregate for something fun to play. Finding and playing Gentle Gravity, I won’t mind if I’m waiting in all day for the engineer because this game is terrific!

Gentle Gravity is a fun little platform/puzzle game, requiring only three (cursor) keys to play…and a little help from gravity of course.




The plot…..oh no!


Move our moustachioed hero around  the  platforms using left/right control and up to jump to the next platform  See that gold coin, you’ll be wanting to collect that. Each level has three, so find em all and head for the exit.


Mistime a jump and all that  film noir black and white gets a sudden splash of colour 😮


I absolutely love this game. Great puzzles, easy to play and a great vintage style. Its a shame they didn’t pick a matching soundtrack to compliment the visuals though. It would have been nice to hear piano riffs from the silent cinema era.

Play Gentle Gravity at –