Warm up exercises


An hour an hour to kill in the hotel room this morning so I thought a good opportunity to loosen up for Play:Expo 🙂


3 responses to “Warm up exercises

  1. I think it’s great that people like yourself and other members of the UK retro gaming community have these conventions to go to and share their passion. Apart from your blog, I also very much enjoy the Retro Asylum podcast. Do you guys know each other?

  2. Retro gaming events have flourished here over the past ten years and there’s more and more added each year. A calendar full if good stuff!

    I don’t know the retro asylum chaps myself but I often have there podcast playing on the commute to work. I’m not sure if they’re here at Play:expo but I’ve seen a couple if guys wearing retro asylum tshirts.

    The guys from Retro gaming roundup are here. Always a good laugh and a great podcast.



  3. Yes I love Retro Gaming Roundup too. Being a joint UK US podcast, it gives a wider perspective. They are also of my vintage, i.e. have a strong appreciation for 8-bit computers and arcade… too few retro podcasts do. Most are post NES/Master System.

    I was secretly hoping you would apply for the Retro Asylum co-host position. You have very well rounded knowledge and lazily, I prefer to listen than read. 🙂

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