My gaming week #6

Hmm, well this week hasn’t produced much in the way of free game time as it’s all been work, work work. Still, here’s a couple that’s been keeping me entertained this week.

Now apart from a handful of coin-op conversions and messing around with one at the Retro Computer Museum, I’m not overly versed in all things PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 therefore more often than not, I’ll just dive into the archive and see what I can find. This week I came up with a colourful cartoon shooter and so catchy it is, I’ve not been able to get the stage tunes out of my head.

PC Dengin/Air Zonk –  PC Engine (1992)


Air Zonk sure is one fine side scrolling shooter. Apparently it’s a spin off of the popular Bonk series of games, again one I’m not overly familiar with these other than the conversion of Bonk’s Adventure on the Amiga (BC Kid).

Air Zonk is colourful, full of cartoon like characters, cool and unusual weapon upgrades, a buddy system where you can  fight alongside a computer controlled sidekick ( you can can also ‘interface’ with them  to form a super badass Air Zonk!) has some equally weird and wonderful end of level bosses and a whole bag of foot tapping chip tune goodness.

Air Zonk sporting his yellow Z punk do and some of his sidekick friends.

Air Zonk (U)-001

No time to check out those  smooth multilayer parallax scrolling backgrounds, there’s a rocket man to take down.

Air Zonk (U)-004

I’ve got no idea what it is, but stay away from that magnet,  after all you’re part  metal!

Air Zonk (U)-005

One of my favourite power-up weapons, the chomping teeth. Hold down the fire button for a few seconds to unleash a ‘super chomp’ – well, that’s what I’m calling it anyway. Also note the sidekick cat.

Air Zonk (U)-013

I’ve now morphed with the cat to become ‘super happy feline punkbuster turbo’. Weapons switched to furball ‘Bow’ mode.

Air Zonk (U)-010

The only problem I’ve got with Air Zonk is that everything is all fun right up until the last stage – Land of Drool. Not that there’s anything wrong with this stage, it’s just that it’s soooo long and made up of multiple fights with all the previous level bosses, some mini stages then more boss fights, more stages and then a super boss.  It’s very easy to loose all your precious lives you’ve been building up and one single boss and if you do, you’ll have to start the whole stage again….a tad frustrating  but I’ll keep at it as this is one I’d love to finish.

Here’s a quick peek at the game with the tune from stage one playing out.


I wasn’t sure about this web/flash based retro puzzle game but the more I got into it and figured out what you had to do it really starts to grow on you.

GunBrick – Web/Flash –

That’s you there…that yellow, white and blue brick.


Press left/right cursor to roll your brick. Hmm, how to get up to that platform above?

Press the Spacebar and you’ll release a fireball and note the kickback will lift you in the air. So, with this new skill, roll left or right to position under a platform and shoot your way up to the top.

I’m gonna let you figure out the rest as that part of the charm of Gunbrick.

Those pesky red guns will fire a steady stream of red blobs of death. Thankfully, the top of your brick (the white bit) is immune to these blobs so point in the right direction and time your movement.


I’ve just rolled over the blue switch which will open the exit for me. But first I’ve got to figure out how to get past this gun turret.


Breaking on through.


I really like Gunbrick, it fun, challenging and contains super sized retro pixels, what’s there not to like..hmm, the music might get a little irritating but other than , it’s a damn fine game.