C64 EasyFlash sports fun.

I had planned on being outside and at the top of a ladder this afternoon doing a few maintenance jobs that need my attention but heavy rain had soon put a stop to that…..oh no, I thought 😉

So back indoors, warm and with a giant mug ‘O coffee, i’ve been trying out a collection of classic C64 multi sports games that have been converted to cartridge format.

Games included are –

California Games
Summer Games
Winter Games
Games, Winter edition
World Games

The beauty of this collection is that each event is available as a stand alone game and accessible via a handy-dandy frontend menu. It’s great for mixing up the events and creating new Olympic style competitions….Gives me an idea for the next RCM meetup!

Commodore 64 on, with EasyFlash cartridge and SD2iec adaptor connected.


The cartridge (.crt) image is copied from my PC to the SD card and then inserted into the SD2iec adaptor.

It’s then transferred over to the cartridge via Easy Prog.


One completed, boot the cartridge and hey presto.


Here’s me having a play around with it – Charlie StiGGy don’t surf 🙂


I did manage to catch the frisbee though!


Sadly, the link to download the collection appears to be down so feel free to request via the comments and I’ll email you a copy.

Here’s the link anyway, just in case it comes back online.