Submarine – ZX Spectrum

Loading up Submarine and you’s think, hmm that doesn’t look like much of a game does it? In fact, even for a game made in 1984 it looks, well…..a bit pants – try not to laugh too hard when you hear the ‘music’ 🙂 However, what Submarine does do really well is recreate those silent moments of suspense found in nearly all Sub vs Boat movies. Ok, so you have use your imagination a little bit so i suggest an afternoon viewing of Das Boot, Enemy Below or Hunt for Red October.

Played from the prospective of the boat Captain (shame it wasn’t the other way around), you have to sniff out what you fear is lurking somewhere down there in the deep below, before he detects you and sends up an invite to join him in the darkness.


Press keys 5 & 8 to steer your boat, Capt.


Press key 0 to activate your sonar and listen to the sound pitch. Low pitch means there’s nothing below and a high pitch means you’re bouncing off metal and you all know what that means!

Steer your ship so that the Sonar signal is the strongest and listen to the timing between beeps between your ship and the sub below.

If there’s a short delay between beeps, then he’s not far below you and a longer delay means he’s lingering further down.

Set the timer delay on your Depth Charge accordingly using keys 6 & 7.

Let one rip with key 2 (although I don’t believe that’s the correct Naval term 🙂 )


That’s a miss. Adjust position and/or timer delay and launch again.

Boom! Got him!


Victory is short lived as your warning alarms scream out..Torpedo in the water. Do you stay still hoping that it was just a wild shot or move and run the risk of being in harms way?

Damnmit, should have moved. ‘Woot woot, all hands abandon sh….glug glug’


Scoring is based on the amount of times your ship is moved and also the number of Depth Charges used. The less of both used equals a lower (but higher) score.

Here’s my best so far.