Pinball Dreams Ignition table for Future Pinball.

I picked up the Pinball Gold Pack from GoG the other day which is a collection of twenty classic tables from the Pinball series produced by DiCE in the 1990’s.  I use to (and still do) play these predominately on my Amiga but thought it would be nice to have this particular collection on my netbook especially as GoG have wrapped them around one of their nifty DOSbox launchers.

The Pinball Gold Pack  includes Pinball Dreams 1 and 2, Pinball Illusions and Pinball Fantasies/Pinball Mania  which is more than enough 2D retro pinball to keep me happy and perfect for a quick casual game.

I’m starting at the beginning with the first game release and the first table – Pinball Dreams – Ignition.

This is a quick photo stitch I did, as per norm,  these table are spread over two vertically scrolling screens.



It wasn’t until I was browsing  around the internet for more information on the table designs when I happened to come across the work of  talented modders who had taken the original 2D design and created a fully playable 3D version of Ignition (and many more DiCE tables) for the free pinball sim – Future Pinball.

Now this is more like it – absolutely loving the lighting modifications and score box.

Future Pinball 2014-02-22 16-30-40-83 (2)


The originals games will always be Amiga classics in my book but you’re got to admit this looks flippin (sorry!) ace doesn’t it?

Future Pinball 2014-02-22 16-27-02-48 (2)


If you fancy giving this one a go yourself, you’ll need –

Future Pinball –

Ignition table for Future Pinball –

…and some virtual coins.

…and a secondary screen if you want to enhance the experience.

or, if you want to re\visit the original 2D classics, $9.99 for Pinball Gold is pretty reasonable – although GoG do tend to have this on special offer from time to time.