More Flappy Bird retro clones – ZX81 and Vectrex.

If you’ve done swearing at your Atari after the release of Flappo Bird on the 2600 a few weeks ago (, how about taking it out on your Sinclair ZX81 or MB Vectrex next? Both of these vintage systems have just seen the release of their own clones of the infuriating addictive Flappy Bird. Actually, the ZX81 and mighty Vec both deserve plenty of TLC and love so maybe it’ll be best to try these games out on emulation instead?…in fact, go hug your Vectrex right now 😉

Quack, for the ZX81 is by Bob, of Bob’s Stuff – maker of incredibly fun and playable  games for the ZX81 (and ZX Spectrum). and has a knack for squeezing every ounce of fun juice out of the tiny 81.

Yup, the ZX81 keyboard might be a bit pants but in this game but you’ll only need one. Mash away!



Tap to fly and avoid everything el…..dammit, faceplanted again! Can you beat my whopping high score of (fanfare) four points?





Over on the Vectrex we have VeccyBird and you’ll have to do a little more tapping to keep ‘flappy’ or whatever it’s name is, aloft and out of trouble.



Yup, I suck at this too…I think I’ve only made it past the third tube but like the original you just can’t put it down.




So there you go, two more fantastic clones of a game the world loves and hates….and hates…and then loves a bit more 🙂

Here’s the links –

Quack –

VeccyBird –






All things TDK.

Posts have been a bit light these past few weeks as Curstie and I had promised ourselves, at the beginning of the year, we’d crack on with our house renovation and a lot of redecorating. I’m just about to start another day of sanding down walls and woodwork and spotted this via Facebook.

Chip tune artist TDK is offering all of his digital albums at a price to suit yourself.


TDK is an oldsk00l chiptune composer from the Commodore 64/Amiga demoscene.

A member of Melon Dezign and Anthrox, his music often appeared in Crystal cracktro’s for the Fairlight group.

He has also composed the soundtracks to games such as Captive 2: Liberation, Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Populous: The Beginning.

Mark is also an accomplished electric violinist.

Better get started – I love the smell of plaster dust in the morning!

Commodore Free double whammy.

Two issues of Commodore Free magazine in one go? Don’t mind if I do!

Issues #74 and #75 are out now and available in all manner of digital reading formats including .d64

Personally, I’m all up for the .mobi’s as the Kindle app now supports keeping everything nice and tidy with the Collections feature…..


….followed by the .d64 loaded on my C64 because I still continue to get a kick out of seeing new stuff running on older hardware.

Issue #74 has a nice Vic-20 on the front hinting at the wealth of Vic-goodness inside.

* Commodore Free E-Cover Tape #7
* Readers Comments
* General News
– Happy Birthday MIDI 1.0
– Happy 50th Birthday Cassette
– 14 Year Birthday
– Non Functional Goodies
* C64 News
– KickAss Cruncher Plugins
– Dr. Evil Labs
– CODEBASE 64 Scanning the Keyboard
– UNP64 v2.30 Released
– Prg2Sid 0.80 Released
* VIC20 News
– Realms of Quest IV: 4-Level Demo
– Assembly Programming on Vic-20
– Boogieman, Exploria and Korque
– Theater Of War Trilogy
* Amiga News
– AROS Vision 2.0 based in Magellan
– AmigaKit AMITCP 4
– AEROS for Pi beta 4
– Obligement Magazine Issue 100
– New Software Releases by OnyxSoft
– SketchBlock 2.2
– AmiSystemRestore R1 Beta7
– Vampire 600 Accelerator
– Zomco’s parody of “Desert Dream”
– Interview Glenn Corpes
* Review: Moon Mission [C64]
* Review: Theater of War [VIC20]
* Interview with Ghislain de Blois
* Incomplete History of The VIC

Really looking forward to that last article.

And on to #75 with its Raspberry/Commodore PI cover.

* Editorial
* Commodore Free E-Cover Tape #8
* General News
– Retro Planet Issue 1
– Arc64 Updated To V2.5
– C&A Games Issue 7, 8, 9 and 10
– Retro Asylum: David Whittaker
– Retrocomputing Retr0sbiancante
– Cassiopei
* C64 News
– C64 Studio v3.1
– Submarine Rescue
– Windows 105
– Use Mssiah with sd2uiec
– Commodore and Lego
– Jim Drew Website + SuperCard Pro
– C64 80 Column Adapter
– Hoxs64 Emulator v1.0.8.6
* VIC20 News
– Pitfall
* C16 & Plus/4 News
– Vic20/C16 Newsstand Compilation 2
– Tree Some Released for the Plus/4
– C+4Hires Picture Disk Released
* Amiga News
– Bed Games 1: Carola
– Triangulation 118: Tim Jenison
– AmigaOS SDK Update (Finally)
– syaSokoban v2.0.1 for AROS
– WHDLoad Updates
* Speaking Notes for a Presentation
* Interview With Scott Hunter
* “The…System…Is…Down”

and a welcome return of the E-Cover tapes too……….Commodore overload!

Kettle on and head to

Happy reading and don’t forget to submit your feedback.

Knight Rider – Fan Game

Everyone loves Knightrider yes?…thought so. Well check out this (free!)  fan made PC game currently in development.

Check out the project site at where you’ll find more information  and a chance to take a look at the digital cast and collection of retro cars that are set to appear in the game.

Well I never, diagnostic tools for KITT are performed on a Commodore 64…oh wait, no she’s just loading SIDplayer….Devon loves his disco!



If you can’t wait until the game is ready, how about loading up the classic Knightrider game by Ocean software?

Hmm, maybe not eh!

Knight Rider64