Eurocon awaits!

Tomorrow morning I’m heading north to attend Eurocon, a three day event for classic gaming fans from around Europe. I’ll be there with the chaps from RCM who are displaying a range of classic British systems including a few rarities like the Jupiter Ace, Dragon 64 (not 32) and a Sord M5 as well as many others.

Luckily, my hotel has free wireless access therefore, if uploading is permitted, I’ll post a few pictures and words over course of the weekend.


Retro Computer Museum Gaming Event – May’10

Yesterday’s RCM gaming event was by far the best to date, packed to the rafters with lots of old comps & consoles it truly was a retro gamers paradise!

Despite getting lost on the drive down (again!) I just made it in time to bag the last of the limited car park spaces (again!). After picking up my ticket, I ventured in and immediately was hit by the sights and sounds of pixel on pixel as grinning old school gamers sat down & prepared to play. This was going to be good!

Centre hallway.

2-up Sega Rally

Sega Afterburner arcade machine…I need change!

…and more change!

After saying hello to a few familiar faces and unpacked my car with a few items I’d donated to RCM, grabbed myself a coffee and took a leisurely walk around eyeballing all that electronic candy. A quick browse around the retro gear vendors and spotted quite a few carts for my collection as well as issue three of RG magazine that’s missing from my collection.

Woo, Wonderboy III for Sega MasterSystem.

Being a Commodore user, these were my first port of call and RCM had pretty much all models to plays with from the PET right up to the Amiga A4000.

…and one that drew quite a bit of attention. The ‘ZX Specadore’ with matching ‘Sinclair’ 1541 disk drive – sacrilegious!

The ever popular Super Bomberman tournament starts and like last year I ‘bombed’ out in the first round.

The booby prize went to Mike for the most amount of times he’d bombed himself. A brilliant  prize and hilarious as he tried to give it back!

Rise of the Robots anyone….no?

After lunch, time to get down to some serious button bashing

Phu’s homemade Acorn porn!

…..and yours truly sporting a dapper pair of Sega Master System 3D glasses…and getting very dizzy!

Andy and Co. really but on a great show and a day to remember and it was great to catchup with friends and make lots of new ones. Winning a load of Sega stuff on the raffle and being introduced to the amazing Starblade on the Panasonic 3DO was the perfect finish to an amazing day.

You can see more photos of the event on my Flickr account  –

More Retro Computer events to attend.

I’ve got three more retro computer events to add to this years calendar. Tickets & hotels booked!

16th May (next weekend…yay!) is the Retro Computer Museum gaming event. This will be my fourth RCM event and Andy and co. put on brilliant show that’s packed to the rafters with all manner of old computers, consoles and games.

Previous RCM posts can be found in my blog archives (May ’09, Aug ’09 & Nov ’09)

I speak to the RCM members on a regular basis and it’s these warm, friendly & like-minded people who really make these events so appealing. Not to mention that the first RCM event I attended opened my eyes to a lot more classic systems that I’d previously overlooked in the past and some, in the case of the MB Vectrex,  spurred me on to locate and buy my own ( )

The next event is being run by the National Museum of Computing over the weekend of June 19th/20th and is being held at the famous Bletchley Park.

Not only is this going to be one HUGE vintage computer event (including a representation from RCM), Bletchley Park museum holds many truly amazing historical items from the past including Enigma, Lorenz and Bombe cipher machines and a rebuild of the mighty Colossus. Set in the beautiful grounds of Bletchely park I’m hoping for good summer weather and plenty of photo opportunities!

..and finally over the weekend of 6/7th November i’ll be heading up north to the seaside to attend R3play.

These guys put on one helluva show last September at Retro Reunited (see previous post – ) therefore I’m really looking forward to this years  ‘BIG’ retro gaming event.

Unconfirmed yet is another RCM event that might possibly to be held in November and also that enough RCM folk can persuade Andy into setting up another member only gaming evening sometime this year. The last one was superb!