Commodore goodies

Even though I’ve been having problems with my Commodore 128 just lately , it’s not been all doom and gloom on the Commodore front this weekend.

Earlier in the week I had a nice surprise from an I.T. colleagues at work who handed me a bag of bits saying that ‘I’d probably get more use out these if it still works?’.

Inside the bag I was over the moon to see  a  nice and white Commodore C64 model C, a C2N Datasette unit, documentation and a small collection of C64 cassette games.  He said that it was all working the last time it had been used but has been stored away for many years. I absolutely love the classic C64/Vic20/C16 bread bin cases, but just lately, I’ve taken a shine to the more modern (modern 😮 ) C64 slim line cases.

IMG_4313 (Custom)

Today I gave everything a good clean and as you can see it’s come up quite nicely and has no signs of yellowing.  Even my other C64c that’s had a RetroBrite bath doesn’t look as nice as this! – see previous blog post

IMG_4314 (Custom)

With the lid off, I gave the insides a quick blow out with the compressed air can to get the majority of dust out and to check, as best I could, that everything looked o.k. Nice to see there’s a 6581 SID chip in there.

Here goes nothing – I’m not sure how long it’s been in storage but it fired up first time without any problems at all.

IMG_4324 (Custom)

Thanks to Shaun Bebbington, I’ve moved on up from the usual 10 Print “Hello” 😉

IMG_4326 (Custom)


Here’s a look at a few of the games that was included – I’ve excluded one as I’d like to create a separate post about this particular games compilation. I’m quite chuffed to see Leaderboard and Tales of Arabian Nights included…awesome games!

IMG_4321 (Custom)

I couldn’t get the first few games to load with the Datasette  so I’ve plugged in my own ‘Load-It’ unit. These third party Datasette units have acoustic indicators and adjustable tape heads to ‘tune’ into the strongest signal and increase the chances of a successful load. I’ve had this one and another since I purchased them in the 1980’s and they’ve very rarely let me down.

I picked Kaktus by Supersoft as the game to try first because I like the basic, almost hand drawn cover. You could say that this is indie gaming 1980’s style……or just a crap  game art 🙂

Well it loaded first time with the Load-It unit, not bad for a tape that’s rocking 30 years old!

IMG_4327 (Custom)

It appear to be some sort of Space Invaders/Centipede/Missile Command type game. Basically, that’s you at the bottom…a Beaver, and the aim of the game is to shoot down the Wasps and Hornets bent on toppling the giant cactus in the middle of the screen….yes that thing in the middle that looks like Crocodile. The stinging blighters will take pot shots at the soil surrounding the cactus until falls so shoot away and be done with them. You can move above and below the surface  via a little access hole you’ve tunnelled out. However, keep an eye out for the interfering Mole as he’ll more than likely fill in the hole trapping you underground.

It’s incredibly basic, but it’s actually quite a fun little game and a good test to ensure both the SID chip, cassette port and joystick ports are working.

IMG_4328 (Custom)


Massive thanks go out to Neil for his kind generosity and I’m sure this C64c will be at home here and continue to provide many more years of entertainment and fun. Cheer!