Pinball Arcade gets iCade and 8-Bitty controller support.

It’s looks like after many requests for iCade controller support by the fans of the Pinball Arcade iOS app, last nights update includes this much welcome addition.

You’ll need to activate iCade support first, which is lurking at the bottom of the main menu options screen….it took me a while to find it!


With that done, you can now navigate the menus etc with your iCade.

The button mapping is pretty good too, the flippers are spaced on the far left and right of the iCade buttons (on mine it’s the bottom white and bottom red button) with tilt and extra controls using the middle four buttons. For those tables with a classic plunger, pulling down on the joystick will launch the ball.


And I’m please to find that the iCade support also extends to the 8-Bitty controller too.

Sadly the buttons are a little mixed up as the flipper buttons use the top left shoulder button and one of the standard red fire buttons (bottom left). It’s a shame that both top shoulder buttons couldn’t be used although after a while you do get used to them. I suppose there’s always Blutrol if you want to customise yourself?


I’ve not tried the iCade Jnr on my iPhone yet but I’d be pretty confident in guessing that it’ll work too.

The Internet is already displaying fan made iCade/pinball modifications using the Blutrol app, but having native iCade support means that you can mod away without having to Jailbreak your device.

I don’t think I’m wanting to drill into my own iCade just yet though but an idea is forming for my own pinball mod.

And finally, this latest app update also brings another classic 80’s table – Space Shuttle (Williams) with promise of more vintage tables to follow. My vote is on Meteor please.

Happy gaming.


Vectrex Regeneration update at Pennyarcade

Penny Arcade have posted an interesting interview with the guys who are working hard on the Vectrex emulator for iPad/iPhone – Vectrex Regeneration.

In it they discuss how things are progressing and some of the obstacles they’ve encountered along the way. Like many, I cannot wait for this one and so it’s particularly exciting to read further news on what is going to be an awesome-ness app.

Here’s the link-

Vectrex Regeneration coming soon.

One of my favourite old school platforms has to be the MB Vectrex console and my favourite modern day platform has to be the Apple iPad. Mash them together as an app and I would be a very VERY happy man if I could play Vectrex classics on the go.

Guess what 🙂


Vectrex Regeneration

30 years ago, a totally unique games console was launched using vector – not raster – graphics. It had such an impact that games are still being made for the platform today. We bought our first Vectrex in 1982 and we still love it! Built by Vectrex fanatics for a new generation of gamers. Vectrex Regeneration. Coming soon to iPhone and iPad.

From the press kit –

For iPad and iPhone.

All of the original Vectrex game releases included with the app.

In app purchase of new Vectrex indie and Homebrew games – please please please can someone include VeCave.

Full retina graphics mode for you lucky iPad 3 owners.

Can be played on a larger TV thanks to AirPlay.

Two player mode using additional Ipad/iPhone.

Auto Fire mode – Fortress of Narzod would be bonkers with auto fire : )

Game Centre compatible for high score posting and competition.

…and the best bit


As you can tell, am rather excited about this release….and let’s hope they release it soon!

Dizzy on iPad – ZX Spectrum version

After many many years, and rumour upon rumour, Dizzy has finally been brought back by Codemasters. Egg-citing or what!

It’s a remake of their 1991 Dizzy adventure – Prince of Yolkfolk annd was released the other day for iOS and Android.

I haven’t played this particular Dizzy game before and in fact haven’t played any other Dizzy game for years. I think the last was Treasure Island Dizzy on the Commodore Amiga.

This new remake brings the graphics bang up to date for a more modern audience but retains the fun gameplay we all remember. I’m saving this one for myself to play on my iPad over the Christmas holidays so for now, I thought it’d be fun to revisit the the original Dizzy:Prince of Yolkfolk on the ZX Spectrum…and and have now got it up and running on my iPad via ZX Spectaculator.

For the iPad, I’ve created a config file for the game to map the virtual Joystick left/right controls to keys Z and X and have also added separate buttons for jump (Break Space) and action (Enter).

I’ve also found it useful to limit the joystick to left/right control by adding the following to the game config file.

axeslock 1

It plays really well so I might even convert some of the other Dizzy titles.

This is the 128k version which has the background music….although it doesn’t half go on…and on 🙂

Loading title.


The first puzzle is quite an easy one and sees our hero trapped behind a wooden door. Objects in the room are a pile of dry leaves, a book of matches and a jug of water. Place the leaves by the door and use the matches to set fire to them. The flames will spread onto the door and burn it away. Use the jug of water to dowse the flames and you can now exit the room.


Landscape mode


Got a favourite Dizzy game you’d like to see released on to IOS/Android or do you prefer to play the originals on older systems?

Retro Gaming: IOS 8-bit Rally & Hard Lines

I stumbled across another Retro racing game for iPad/iPhone. This time it’s pedal to the metal action…..well finger to the button!

8-bit Rally


Now here’s a real gem! 8-bit Rally is a racing game that plays homage to all those 2D racing games we used to play on early computers and coin-op arcades. Games like Outrun, Chase HQ, Crazy Cars (the latter being quite dire by the way) and of course, the Lotus Trilogy on the Amiga. The developer mentioned that the latter and Top Gear on the SNES was the main inspiration in creating the game and playing it for myself and seeing all the subtle homages you can tell that they really were fans of the originals.

You start off with just a basic car and a few dollars for upgrades. The more 8-bit cup races you win (or finish in a top percentage) the more cash you get to spend on your ride. Engine, gear box and tyres can be upgraded as well as purchasing those important Nitro packages. In total there’s 40 tracks set over 6 continents so expect a good dollop of road, desert, snow, city (probably) tracks.


Graphically, 8-bit Rally mirrors the clunky graphics of man retro racers and the AI opponent is spot on I.e just like it vintage counterpart, is annoying and predictable! That’s, not a bad thing by the way and it made me smile at the tribute.


Unlike some of the older games It doesn’t half shift at a descent pace with the beautifully smooth tracks zipping along at a high frame rate.

Control is via touchpad and/or tilt control which works really well in this particular game and with good customisation to tweak the sensitivity to suit. All on screen buttons are fairly large so for example you don’t miss the break pedal button when it’s needed the most.


If you’re a fan of old style racers, especially the Lotus Trilogy, you’ll simply love this.

At the time of writing, this game is Free via the Apple App store for a limited time.