PC Indie Gaming – Canvas Rider

Well I thought Platformance: Temple Death was addictive but that’s nothing compared to Canvas Rider!

Canvas Rider is brilliant online browser game that I discovered whilst perusing the  Chrome web store.


You ride your bike against the clock on tracks drawn by other players. Its stick man graphics and simple ragdoll physics make for a fun game as you dip, dive and jump around many obstacles.

Control your bike with the cursor keys (up/down to pedal/brake and left/right to balance)


There are literally 1000’s of track to play on and I haven’t had this much run with a 2d bike game since Kickstart 2 on the Commodore 64. You can even have a go at drawing your own and upload for others to play.

Here’s me having a go at a rather fun little track by user Jorby91

If you’re interested in trying out the same track, click on the link below –





Dual booting JiffyDOS for classic C64

Thanks go out to my good friend and fellow RCM’er Jon for building me another JiffyDOS rom complete with his custom 28-24pin adaptor so that it can be installed into earlier (and the best) Commodore c64 ‘breadbin’ models.

This is a dual booting Rom therefore by adding a switch I’ll be able to select between the new JiffyDOS kernel or flip to the regular C64 kernel depending on whether i want to load games/files very quickly via my SD2IEC or switch back to regular C64 kernel mode.

Thanks Jon, they both survived our mail man 🙂 See you at the weekend.


You can read all about how these where made over at Jon’s site.


Harmony cartridge for the Atari 2600

Don’t you just love getting home from work to find that postman has stuffed something fun in the mailbox for a change instead of endless amounts of snail mail spam, take out menu’s and bills. This latest package, all the way from Oregon, USA is certainly not spam and is one I’ve been easily awaiting delivery for the past fortnight.

My new Harmony Cartridge for the Atari 2600 VCS by Fred Quimby


In a nutshell, the Harmony cartridge is a flash storage device for the Atari 2600 that let’s you store and load games directly from SD card. The entire Atari 2600 game library can fit on to a single 1GB SD memory card and files are presented in menu system accessible via joystick.

I don’t think anything can compare to owning and collecting the original cartridges (if not only for Atari’s wonderful game box art) but having backups on one cartridge is an extremely useful device to have for any Woody fan.

..but best of all, with this cartridge, it’ll let me play modern home brew games as well as various fan based games and hacks. One such title I’m particularly looking forward to playing is an update of Berzerk that has been changed so that it closely matches the original arcade version and also includes the missing sampled speech…speech, on an Atari 2600!

I’ll be back with pictures and videos as I setup and test drive this little beauty.

In the meantime, to find out more about the Harmony cartridge and to place your own order information, please visit –



Prince of Persia for the C64, surely not!



Thanks to my friend Alex for the heads up on this one. Someone has actually attempted to create a version of the classic game, Prince of Persia for the Commodore 64 and from the video and screenshots posted on Lemon64, it simply looks amazing. I nearly flipped my lid when I saw the opening video!

I’m just a huge fan of Prince of Persia, and to finally have a port of it on my most favourite of computers…well…think it’s just made my year 🙂

The author will be releasing it as a free download on the 16th Oct.

For more info and screenshots –