Blizzard Entertainment offers classic Blackthorne for free.



Often compared to Delphine Software Flashback, but with more  grunt (and gore…and 80’s action hero wardrobe…with matching hairdo ) Blizzard’s 1994 classic Blackthorne is a real gem of a game and if you missed it the first time around, you can now download a copy for free…..All you need to do is sign up for a free Battle.Net account

Or maybe not?

If you browse to the Blizzard’s European site, there’s no link to the game unless you create an account.

However, if you go to the US site –  and click on the link at the bottom of the page called Client Game Downloads, on the next page (at the bottom) you’ll find a link to the game.

Blizzard have also wrapped the game around a modern (Windows) installer package so you don’t have to mess around with Dosbox or similar – just install and play.

1994 – 2013….how time flies!



and so it begins


oops, use the ‘R’ key with caution (whistles and walks away).


Have fun, but if you miss the offer or find that the link no longer works, you can always pick up the game on Abandonia.



Retro Gaming: Street Ball – PC DOS



I recently stumbled across this rather fun little puzzle/arcade game whilst surfing around Abandonia and then a web based version via XTDOS where you’ll find this and many other DOS classics available to play directly from your browser (java).

The aim of the game is to collect various items that are scattered throughout a large play area using a bouncing ball that you have semi-control over. The ball will move on it’s own accord bouncing off other walls and obstacles until you press a directional key to send it bouncing in another direction. Timing, a good aim or sheer luck is in order here and once you’re collected all of the items, you’ll then need to find the warp hole that’s located somewhere around the map. Aim your street ball at the warp hole to complete the level.

It all sounds rather odd but it’s works really well and quite unique. Later levels can become very addictive especially as each new level adds more devious obstacles and traps to avoid. Definitely a ‘one go go’ kinda game.

Here’s a look at Street Ball in action.

Reading the info at Abandonia, Street Ball is based on an old 1988 Commodore 64 game called – PARAGON. If it’s as half as fun as it’s older DOS brother then I’m curious to investigate more……which I did….and it’s great….in fact, basic though it is, I think I prefer the c64 original.

Paragon C64.



iOS retro gaming: Wolfenstein 3D free!

Twenty years? Surely not…yup, Wolfenstein 3D celebrates its 20th year anniversary this month which makes me feel very old. Ok, so i often play games that are much older than 1992 but for me Wolfenstein seems like it was only yesterday I was sat at college spending far too much time on it with my buddies instead of study.

To celebrate this milestone I’ve been returning to the grand daddy of FPS games with a view to finishing itbthis time on iPad – running iDOS (emulator) the original DOS version of the game. It’s great for a quick,on the move, nostalgia trip but the PC to Touchscreen controls can be a little frustrating sometimes.

As chunky as chunky peanut butter….with extra chunky chunks.


Thanks to the feed from Touch Arcade I was notified that an iOS conversation of the game is being offered on the app store for free for a limited time. Fanfare!

Controls have been tweaked for touch screen and work much better here than in iDOS – although there’s no substitute for a proper keyboard though.

Graphics have been tweaked slightly to remove some of the pixelation and at first I though, hmm, I would have left them alone but after a while (and certainly going back to the original) they’re a bit easier on the eyes…or that could be the old age again 🙂


If you’re reading this post and thinking, I want a bit of classic Wolfenstein action right now, then head on over to where you can play a browser based version. You’ll be in the thick of it in no time.

You’ll also find link to this great interview with John Carmack.

Happy hunting.