Dizzy on iPad – ZX Spectrum version

After many many years, and rumour upon rumour, Dizzy has finally been brought back by Codemasters. Egg-citing or what!

It’s a remake of their 1991 Dizzy adventure – Prince of Yolkfolk annd was released the other day for iOS and Android.



I haven’t played this particular Dizzy game before and in fact haven’t played any other Dizzy game for years. I think the last was Treasure Island Dizzy on the Commodore Amiga.

This new remake brings the graphics bang up to date for a more modern audience but retains the fun gameplay we all remember. I’m saving this one for myself to play on my iPad over the Christmas holidays so for now, I thought it’d be fun to revisit the the original Dizzy:Prince of Yolkfolk on the ZX Spectrum…and and have now got it up and running on my iPad via ZX Spectaculator.

For the iPad, I’ve created a config file for the game to map the virtual Joystick left/right controls to keys Z and X and have also added separate buttons for jump (Break Space) and action (Enter).

I’ve also found it useful to limit the joystick to left/right control by adding the following to the game config file.

axeslock 1

It plays really well so I might even convert some of the other Dizzy titles.

This is the 128k version which has the background music….although it doesn’t half go on…and on 🙂

Loading title.


The first puzzle is quite an easy one and sees our hero trapped behind a wooden door. Objects in the room are a pile of dry leaves, a book of matches and a jug of water. Place the leaves by the door and use the matches to set fire to them. The flames will spread onto the door and burn it away. Use the jug of water to dowse the flames and you can now exit the room.


Landscape mode


Got a favourite Dizzy game you’d like to see released on to IOS/Android or do you prefer to play the originals on older systems?