Show Game – Play:Expo 2014

So I’ve mentioned ‘the show game’ moniker in a previous post. It’s that one game I’ll discover/rediscover at a retro gaming event which I find myself returning too throughout the event so much so that it become synonymous with the event itself.

For Play:Expo 2014, the computer game I’ve picked as my show game is a fairly modern release on the Commodore 64.

Blitz 3000

(here played on Jason Kelk’s ‘Old School Gaming’ pimped C64 (which you can read about here – )

IMG_5127 (Medium)

I loved Blitz on the Vic-20, a game I played over and over again back then and still load up from time to time on my Vic. It’s very simple yet this updated C64 version was so much fun and messes with your mind. ‘One more go’ it kept calling!

Out of fuel and steadily descending –  can your bombing skills clear a path so you can land without crashing into Mrs and Mrs Xenomorphs new domed kitchen extension?



and because Play:Expo is Pinball heaven, my Pinball showgame is…….hmmm, this is quite a tough. I did play an awful amount of time on Bally’s Fathom purely because I adore the table art….

80’s pinball art rocks!

044 (Medium)


….and likewise on Gottliebs Robo-War and TX-Sector for their sci-fi  artwork, fast gameplay and uber cool cyclon-esq robotic voices.

IMG_5156 (Medium)


But because of the fun a few of us had playing mini competitions, my Pinball show game has to be –

Black Knight 2000

I’m a bit of a fan of the original Black Knight table and I also play a heck of a lot of its digital counterpart on my iPad courtesy of the Pinball Arcade app. Black Knight 2000 is a much faster game and retains some of the features from original including the useful Magna save to keep you out of trouble on the right hand lane. Completing a rapid succession of  fast loops is a real buzz but pales in comparison to  lighting King’s Ransom –  multiball madness!

103 (Medium)




Retro Gaming – Downfall – Commodore 64

During my visit to Retro Revival last month I spent an enjoyable hour hanging out at the homebrew area set up by OldSchoolGaming and enjoyed some of the titles playing on the C64, Atari 800XL and Amiga. On the Amiga, I was instantly hooked on Downfall,, a cracking little casual game similar to the version I’m familiar with by Reboot on the Atari Jaguar.

Retro Revival 2014 – Spot the Chameleon?



The aim of the game is to simply stay alive by moving your mouse(?), left or right to land on one of the platforms below. The screen scrolls vertically from bottom upwards and so if you stay put for too long, you mouse will hit the top of the screen and die. Likewise, mistime a jump and fall off the bottom of the screen and it’s curtains again for poor mousey.   Occasionally, you’ll need to leap blindly in the hope that a platform will scroll up from the bottom to catch you. These ‘leap of faith’ moments are quite exhilarating and what makes these game so additive,

During you endless journey down, objects will be appear at random which can be collected for points or provide one of many special abilities.  For example, on the Jag version there’s a Jetpack and on the Amiga version there’s some go faster shoes.

It’s while I was searching for Downfall to add to my Amiga harddrive  did I happen to come across a low res screenshot of the game. On closer inspection, I found it to be a  WIP port for the C64 and have been messing around with it this afternoon.

I’ve got them both running on my PC via WinUAE and Vice and side by side, compared to the Amiga AGA version on the left (of course!), it looks a bit sparse. However, it’s still the same great game and comes with a tap-tastic SID tune.

Down, down, down we fall.



You can pick up the Amiga version here –

and the C64 version here –


Do you know of any other ports of Downfall or games of a similar style? If so, it would be great to hear from you.


RGCD C64 Cartridge competition 2013.

On Sunday evening, the entrance deadline for the 2013 RGCD C64 cartridge competition ended and all games have now been released.

All in all, that’s a staggering twelve (plus three re-released) brand new swanky games for you to enjoy on your C64/emulator. Christmas has most certainly come early!

Here’s the list –

Bellringer III
Candle Burner 1.1
Cosmic Ark
Devil Ronin
Linus Vs Simon
Magic Duel
Micro Hexagon
Monster Buster
Revenge Of The Tomato
Rocket Smash

The only title I have played so far (although this was an early beta last year) is the remake of the Atari 2600 classic Cosmic Ark by fellow RCM’er and good friend Max Hall. I very much looking forward to playing the final release especially after hearing about the nightmare that Max has had squeezing the whole lot into just 16k.

Here’s the download link –


As I type this post, I’m currently writing to my EasyFlash cartr….actually, they’ve just finished so I’m off to give each game a twirl.

Have you played any of them yet?  Got a favourite title(s) you like to see crowned as the  winner of this years competition?

IMG_4381 (Custom)


Reset Magazine #1 for C64 gamers.

There’s a new digital magazine out all you Commodore 64 users.


Available in PDF format, this first issue gets off to a cracking start and features reviews of a couple of new games, a look at a classic oldie, scene news,  hardware reviews and advice to keep your breadbin in working order.

10 PRINT “awesome-ness” and I hope this is the start of a great new mag.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Merman too as I’ve always enjoyed his articles  in RG or RTM and am very happy to see that he’s writing here too.

You can pick up your free copy via the following links –

Issue #1 –

Mirror –

Retro Gaming: Street Ball – PC DOS



I recently stumbled across this rather fun little puzzle/arcade game whilst surfing around Abandonia and then a web based version via XTDOS where you’ll find this and many other DOS classics available to play directly from your browser (java).

The aim of the game is to collect various items that are scattered throughout a large play area using a bouncing ball that you have semi-control over. The ball will move on it’s own accord bouncing off other walls and obstacles until you press a directional key to send it bouncing in another direction. Timing, a good aim or sheer luck is in order here and once you’re collected all of the items, you’ll then need to find the warp hole that’s located somewhere around the map. Aim your street ball at the warp hole to complete the level.

It all sounds rather odd but it’s works really well and quite unique. Later levels can become very addictive especially as each new level adds more devious obstacles and traps to avoid. Definitely a ‘one go go’ kinda game.

Here’s a look at Street Ball in action.

Reading the info at Abandonia, Street Ball is based on an old 1988 Commodore 64 game called – PARAGON. If it’s as half as fun as it’s older DOS brother then I’m curious to investigate more……which I did….and it’s great….in fact, basic though it is, I think I prefer the c64 original.

Paragon C64.