A slice of Raspberry Pi.

If you’ve read some of my blog posts, you’ll find that I do love my tech, whether it’s new, old and just plain quirky so I read with interest a few days ago about the rather spiffy Raspberry Pi project currently in development. Basically what this is  a miniature ARM based, fully featured computer that’s going to ship for approx £15 ($25). Yep, that last bit is not a typo!

Small enough to stick in your pocket, yet the possibilities are huge.


Just think of the homebrew projects you could create with this. Ultra mini HTPC PC, CCTV server, NAS box, pocket computer, carputer to name but a few.Personally I’m already thinking about all of those fun and wacky case’s you could design for it. ZX Spectrum anyone?

Depending on its actual size, it would be so cool to have one embedded into a classic Atari joystick modded to run via USB, running an Atari 2600 emulator (Stella for example) with the complete Atari 2600 game library stored on SD card.

I won’t go into the all of the technical details of the Raspberry PI as you can find out pretty much everything there is to know about this exciting project via the main website and wiki pages. I highly recommend you check this out.



Interview with David Braben, developer of Raspeberry Pi….yes Mr ‘Elite’ himself!