Retro Gaming – Downfall – Commodore 64

During my visit to Retro Revival last month I spent an enjoyable hour hanging out at the homebrew area set up by OldSchoolGaming and enjoyed some of the titles playing on the C64, Atari 800XL and Amiga. On the Amiga, I was instantly hooked on Downfall,, a cracking little casual game similar to the version I’m familiar with by Reboot on the Atari Jaguar.

Retro Revival 2014 – Spot the Chameleon?



The aim of the game is to simply stay alive by moving your mouse(?), left or right to land on one of the platforms below. The screen scrolls vertically from bottom upwards and so if you stay put for too long, you mouse will hit the top of the screen and die. Likewise, mistime a jump and fall off the bottom of the screen and it’s curtains again for poor mousey.   Occasionally, you’ll need to leap blindly in the hope that a platform will scroll up from the bottom to catch you. These ‘leap of faith’ moments are quite exhilarating and what makes these game so additive,

During you endless journey down, objects will be appear at random which can be collected for points or provide one of many special abilities.  For example, on the Jag version there’s a Jetpack and on the Amiga version there’s some go faster shoes.

It’s while I was searching for Downfall to add to my Amiga harddrive  did I happen to come across a low res screenshot of the game. On closer inspection, I found it to be a  WIP port for the C64 and have been messing around with it this afternoon.

I’ve got them both running on my PC via WinUAE and Vice and side by side, compared to the Amiga AGA version on the left (of course!), it looks a bit sparse. However, it’s still the same great game and comes with a tap-tastic SID tune.

Down, down, down we fall.



You can pick up the Amiga version here –

and the C64 version here –


Do you know of any other ports of Downfall or games of a similar style? If so, it would be great to hear from you.



Virtual Reality CS-1000

Last year at Retro Revival  I got the chance to don a Virtual Reality headset and step into a vintage CS-1000 VR pod.

Me, sticking it to the virtual man.



Since then, the owner of this particular pod and other VF gear has teamed up with Andy at the Retro Computer Museum to have the equipment available at their gaming shows and the exciting prospect of having two pods linked together for multiplayer gaming.

Check out this 1990’s episode of Gamesmaster featuring the VR game Dactyl Nightmare running on two VF pods.

It’s been ages since I’ve popped down to the museum and having an item to drop off and collect I thought I’d take a little time out from our DIY work  and go see what they’re up to…

…and as luck would have it, a glimpse at the technology behind one of the Virtuality pods



That’s the Matrix there and it’s powered by Commodore Amiga technology.




This particular unit is having a few video issues but owner Simon was confident that they could be resolved. By the time I’d finished drooling over some the museums software archive a little later on, video of  Dactyl Nightmare was being displayed on one of the headset tv screens.




The CS-1000 pod in storage and awaits a clean and it’s brain refitting. Hopefully this second unit will be up and running soon and fingers crossed, will make an appearance at one of this years retro gaming events.





880 Gamer Magazine #2 – Amiga Magazine.

I must have missed this somehow so thanks for the heads up RetroCollect!


880 Gamer Magazine is a digital retro magazine for Commodore Amiga gamers. I’ve only had a quick scan during lunch break this afternoon but am definitely liking what’s going on here. It looks highly polished, had me laughing out loud on the few paragraphs I read and with the inclusion of vintage amiga/game adverts makes it appear just like a genuine publication of the 80’s and 90’s – a feature I wish Retro Gamer Magazine would bring back to their print mag.

The inclusion of a digital cover floppy disk is a great idea too and certainly in keeping with its retro flavour (and highly popular with other fan mags like Commodore Free) but maybe it would have been better to include more recent scene stuff, pd or home brew releases etc rather than a demo of an old game? – I guess that’s the whole point of keeping it old school though?

Either way, after a little more sanding of door frames when I get home tonight,I’m looking forward to putting ones feet up and having a really good look at this and issue #1.

Here the link to the downloads which include the pdf magazine and the adf cover disk.

My first Amiga 500 circa 1989.

It’s the last day of the holidays (boo) before heading back into work tomorrow and so with a little free time this afternoon and thanks to a VCR – DVD transferring kit (and DVD ripping software) I have on loan from a friend (thanks again Rob!)  I’ve finally been able to digitally archive all of the home movies I made during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  It’s been a laugh watching yours truly simply just messing around with friends and family all looking much younger, sporting terrible clothing fashions and meandering around the house I grew up in. Likewise it’s been fun catching little glimpses of all the 80’s technology we used to use including mammoth VCR’s, Hifi stacks, chunky remote controls and a very brief look at my (messy) desk and Amiga 500.

My Commdore Amiga circa 1989.


There she is on my ‘cool back in the 80’s’ black desk with  external disk drive sitting to the right of the TV screen. Would you believe, that matching black shelf was almost the same price as the desk! Further to the right is a black Competition Pro joystick which sits upon a CB Radio set and it’s chunky psu behind it. Back in the day, my CB radio and a good antenna allowed me to reach most of my friends all across town and was our version of Skype back then. The cream coloured box next to my CB radio is a dot matrix printer…I forget which model though….and it was crap.

On the left next to the Amiga tank mouse is my stereo amplifier unit from the early 80’s.  I used to feed the audio output from my Amiga through to a set of large floor standing hifi speakers which sat either side of my desk. I loved that amplifier, especially the lamp lit Left and Right  volume meters which were very much retro even back then. Above the amplifier is an old radio and twin tape deck unit. I’d was just starting to get into digital music back then and used this, in conjunction with a sampling cartridge to create all manner of music noise.

Floppy disks everywhere and a truly hideous dolphin statuette thingie!

I had lots of fun at this desk and not much changed with the setup over the next few years apart from video capture devices and a upgrade to a Amiga 1200, HDD and finally a proper CRT monitor.

Those were the days!






Speedball 2 HD comes to Steam next month.

This looks more like it – thumbs up for sticking with 2D instead that gawd awful 3D reboot came out a few years ago.

Speedball 2 is coming back to our gaming screens and with Jon Hare involved in this latest reboot here’s hoping the ‘ice-cream’ will be rich and full of all the good stuff us Speedball fans are craving for.