My first Amiga 500 circa 1989.

It’s the last day of the holidays (boo) before heading back into work tomorrow and so with a little free time this afternoon and thanks to a VCR – DVD transferring kit (and DVD ripping software) I have on loan from a friend (thanks again Rob!)  I’ve finally been able to digitally archive all of the home movies I made during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  It’s been a laugh watching yours truly simply just messing around with friends and family all looking much younger, sporting terrible clothing fashions and meandering around the house I grew up in. Likewise it’s been fun catching little glimpses of all the 80’s technology we used to use including mammoth VCR’s, Hifi stacks, chunky remote controls and a very brief look at my (messy) desk and Amiga 500.

My Commdore Amiga circa 1989.


There she is on my ‘cool back in the 80’s’ black desk with  external disk drive sitting to the right of the TV screen. Would you believe, that matching black shelf was almost the same price as the desk! Further to the right is a black Competition Pro joystick which sits upon a CB Radio set and it’s chunky psu behind it. Back in the day, my CB radio and a good antenna allowed me to reach most of my friends all across town and was our version of Skype back then. The cream coloured box next to my CB radio is a dot matrix printer…I forget which model though….and it was crap.

On the left next to the Amiga tank mouse is my stereo amplifier unit from the early 80’s.  I used to feed the audio output from my Amiga through to a set of large floor standing hifi speakers which sat either side of my desk. I loved that amplifier, especially the lamp lit Left and Right  volume meters which were very much retro even back then. Above the amplifier is an old radio and twin tape deck unit. I’d was just starting to get into digital music back then and used this, in conjunction with a sampling cartridge to create all manner of music noise.

Floppy disks everywhere and a truly hideous dolphin statuette thingie!

I had lots of fun at this desk and not much changed with the setup over the next few years apart from video capture devices and a upgrade to a Amiga 1200, HDD and finally a proper CRT monitor.

Those were the days!