Retro Joystick USB adaptor #2

Earlier on in the year I ordered a MayFlash USB joystick adaptor  to connect older Atari style 9-pin  joysticks (including Megadrive pads), Nintendo NES and Nintendo SNES pads to my PC via USB. It looked great but in the end it failed to live up to it’s promise and despite the SNES bit working just fine, it was the dp9 part that I was hoping to use with my PC and Raspberry Pi.  You can read all about it here –  –

Well, I thought I’d try again with another adaptor and  one that has received some excellent reviews and a  popular choice with my fellow retro gamers.

USB Joystick Adaptor by Retronic Design –

I ordered via eBay, and three days later it arrived. Considering it was coming over from Canada, damn that was quick! On one end its the mighty USB (which may require flipping three times) , on the other there’s nine pins of retro gaming awesome-ness and somewhere in the middle there’s some sort of electronic fusion glue from Canada.


Stella awaits!


Out of the box, well little bag,  it supports a whole range of 9-pin joysticks with up to three buttons.  I’ve tried a handful of sticks from Cheetahs and Quickshots to Speedkings and Comp Pro’s to Zipsticks and Tac2 sticks – All work perfectly.  There’s also support for Sega Megadrive (3/6 buttoned) Amiga Mice,Atari 2600 paddles and many more after a quick firmware upgrade using the tools available on the owners website.

Retro Joystick detected as a standard gamepad in Windows or can be configured as a keyboard/cursor joystick with Joy2Key etc.

retro adapter

Although not listed on the website, I thought I’d try is with my Panasonic 3DO pad (it didn’t work) and just for laughs (and fingers crossed that it actually might work) my Vectrex Pad….which it didn’t – well, the joystick was non responsive but the four buttons respond as directional control.

All in all, a great product and a great way to get more out of your emulation fun.





4 responses to “Retro Joystick USB adaptor #2

  1. Hey! Another cool thing is that it’s an open-source project!
    Ok Vectrex joysticks are odd analog… 3DO will be supported in a later version of firmware.

  2. Hey there nice to hear from you. It’s a fantastic little adaptor and is getting plenty of use here. I’ll also keep an eye out for the 3DO firmware, so thanks for the heads up.


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