Nostalgia emulator frontend for Ouya.

Its been a while since I’ve fired up the little Ouya games console and now that we’re slowly putting the house back together, I’m dropping it next to my Raspberry Pi and hooking up to the living room TV for a spot of retro gaming later on this evening. But first, it too the geek desk to copy over some goodies from my PC.

Emulation , of course is well supported on both systems and the Raspberry Pi has a couple of unified graphical frontends to manage and present the systems and games to you. On the Ouya, there wasn’t much out there until Nostalgia came along last year. I briefly played around with the demo and really liked what I saw and now that I’ve got a little bit more free time, I’ve opted to purchase the full app to unlock all of the features (the demo is limited to using one emulator). For just  $1, you’re getting one sweet little frontend here.

Nostaliga by Zamastyle –


Configuration of Nostalgia is pretty straight forward – After it loads, hit the Y button on the gamepad to enter the options menu, select configure and choose the emulator you wish to use. All you then need to do is tell Nostalgia the path to your game files and you’re done. I have mine stored on a USB stick plugged into the back of my Ouya in folders called Atari 2600, NES, SNES, PSX etc.


Once you’ve done that you can then tell Nostalgia to fetch game metadata and cover art for the your  collection or ignore specific files types if you want to fetch for a specific system. Depending on your selection and how many game files you have in your collection, this can take quite some time so go put the kettle on and come back later.

Here’s a selection of my Atari 2600 collection. You can browse up and down the rows using the d-pad or faster, by letter using the L/R trigger buttons. There’s also a full text search option which will return results spanning every system you have configured. For example, you might want to find ‘1942’ on the NES, PCE and C64.


An old favourite perhaps?… crap, more painting!


The only thing I’ve found to be a problem is a little audio lag when running certain PSX and Sega 32x titles through Nostalgia as opposed to running them natively from the Ouya’s main dashboard and occasionally, the fetch process fails to download cover art, although metadata has always been received o.k .


Lon Seidman posted quite a nice video review of Nostalgia which I’ve linked here so you can see it in action.






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