Spectember fall.

I got a nice surprise  from a guy at work yesterday as thanks for introducing  and helping setup his Raspberry Pi and OpenElec. A bag full of ZX Spectrum games  he had in his loft and asked if I had any use for them.



There’s some early titles from Sinclair and Imagine here as well as a few arcade clones from Mastertronic and Anirog., There’s also some dodgy cover art too!

No Houston, no problem here at all.

IMG_5044 (Custom)



Runs on Spectrum 48k or Commodore 64‘…what kind of  double sized tape wizardry is this?

IMG_5045 (Custom)

So thanks James for my ‘Spectember’ gift!

Speaking of Spectember…sorry, Spectrum’s, at lunchbreak I composite modded my remaining ZX Spectrum + (hard keys). It’s the same principle as before with the 16/48k computer (see previous blog post – https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/my-first-zx-spectrum-composite-mod/ and can now enjoy  better image quality and on an alternative keyboard to all that rubber.




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