Painters respite.

Now that the decorating has  wrapped up in our study, I thought I’d take a break from the paintbrushes and head out to the  Lake District for  a spot of hiking and blow the cobwebs (and plaster dust) away. Typical though, the day before my trip whilst checking my stoves and packing my gear, I started to feel the tell tale signs of incoming cold and my throat and sinuses starting to close in. Thankfully it didn’t materialise despite feeling a bit rough on the long drive up on Friday morning and felt much better as the flat landscapes started to get a little bit more exciting.

I camped at Coniston at the busy campsite at Coniston Hall. At peak season, this place is usually rammed and not my ideal spot. However, now heading into Autumn, there was only a few weekend walkers camped out on that first day. After I’d set up camp I was off for a walk to the top of The Old Man of Coniston.

Come on legs, we’ve got work to do.



The zig zagging path after Low Water before the scramble to  the top. Levers Water can be seen just above and would be my circular route back.

007 (Large)

I’ve been up here a few times and when reaching the top it’s usually up in the clouds with almost zero visibility. Not so this time, the views were outstanding.

Heading out along the ridge to Swirl How before heading down and swinging around to Levers Water.

009 (Large)

A quick stop off at Coniston Village for a few supplies this evening.

030 (Large)

Much needed refreshment and surprisingly light. Referenced to the Old Man of Coniston of course, but StiGGy sure feels like an old man after that jaunt.


Saturday morning and a trip out west to go see my mate Porchy from . My iPhone Satnav really  got screwed up here and and decided to take me down endless narrow pony tracks across the Fells. Picturesque yes, but not so good for my poor car’s suspension. I was getting lost up here and time was slipping away from me. A bit annoying really but I had to smile when the next track on my car stereo was AC/DC’s Highway to Hell 🙂  In the end, I reverted to a good old paper map and was soon back on track and on to the tarmac bliss of the A595.

So great to see Porchy again checking out all his new toys and retro homebrew stuff.  I think the mountain air has got to me whilst larking about!

In the Matrix, I have Boobs!


The additional motion tracking and increased screen resolution on the Oculus Rift DK2 model is simply mind blowing. Some of demos Porchy ran through were even better than I’d hoped for. VR sure has come along way since Dactyl Nightmare! I had a great time Mr P, and thanks for the loan of your DK1 and DC addons, I can’t wait to try them all out over the next few weeks.

I took the long route back to Coniston stopping at Blackstock Point and a walk around Bassenthwaite Lake before sitting next to this tree and having dinner.

045 (Large)

A very cold night and I awoke on Sunday morning at around 5am to get out my heavy blanket and sat happy and content in the dead silence and the thick grey morning mist. Camped just a few yards from Coniston water, I took my coffee and grabbed my camera and headed down to the waters edge.

Ghost ships.

065 (Large)

Sat on a large stone and watched the mist roll by.

057 (Large)

Coniston Hall (and camp shop) looking decidedly spooky this morning.

060 (Large)

A few hour later, with tent and gear packed away, the weather a stark contrast to the mornings mist I started my way up to Skiddaw after parking in Keswick.


The path leading up to the summit is one long, steep slog but as the tops of Little Man and Skiddaw come into view, the path levels slightly and is easier on the legs.

080 (Large)

Keswick and Derwent Water.

073 (Large)

On the way back down, I happened to come across a group of Cub Scouts selling cold drinks for donations. After walking in the swelterng sunshine this was probably the best (and quickest) drink of squash I’ve ever had!

Picking up the Cumbrian Way on my way down towards Keswick and I couldn’t help myself to little Photoshop with this one.

Stay off the road!


Further on down ans suddenly a mighty  roar from above as two Avro Lancaster Bombers flew by overhead as part of the Battle of Britain memorial flight. I just managed to whip out my iPhone to capture he last one as it flew by. A perfect end to a great weekend.



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