Article on the different types of arcade buttons and joysticks.

If like me, you’re not 100% sure what the difference between a JLW,  LS-32 and a LS-56 stick and how deflection and engage distances can be effect gaming on your custom arcade machine build, check out this rather interesting article I read this morning which goes some way to explain all –

Personally, I’m all for bat topped sticks, I just can’t seem to get on with ball topped. For buttons, I prefer the classic concave shaped type like the one from Happs, although I’ll prefer to pair these with leaf switches instead of clunky microswitches. That’s probably not the best choice for modern(-ish) fighters but perfect for a spot of Asteroids.  I have however got a couple of very sensitive Sanwa flat buttons which  I’ve been meaning to do something with.  Do the notepad!


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