Galaxy Invaders Invade again.

After catching the latest (July)  RetroGamingRoundup  show, and thoroughly enjoying their top ten tabletop electronic games feature, I remembered an old friend tucked away that I haven’t used for a while.

This is my CGL Galaxy Invaders 1000, a Christmas present I received in the 1980’s and has been with me ever since. It’s not been used for a while and the  battery terminals aren’t looking their best anymore. I inserting new batteries (I forgot how many these things need!)  and as expected, it didn’t work. I keep meaning to get one of those multiple voltage adaptors but until then, I’ve had a go at a quick fix and replaced the rusted terminals with those  taken from an old battery operated radio.

Mission accomplished. Wow, this really does take me back a few years. Pew pew pew!





If you fancy having a go via emulation (sadly, Windows only), checkout –





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