Intellivision / Colecovision Flashback is here….sorta.

Well not here, as in here in the temporary geek den because for sure, if they were, they’d be no decorating done today. Nope, some lucky fella across the pond has spotted the Colecovision, Intellivision (and Atari 5) flashback consoles grazing in the wild and managed to snag them all weeks before their official release dates.


Despite missing some of the big hitters from Nintendo, which you’d kinda expect, the games list on the Coleco box is pretty impressive. Space Fury, Frenzy, Zaxxon, Omega Race – bring it on! Likewise on the Intellivision, no Deadly Discs of a Tron, but there’s Astrosmash, Snafu and Subhunt.

Will Europe get an official release? Are they hackable? Can I shove my Raspberry Pi in there? Will I have fun whilst doing Math?



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