Play Dragon’s Lair online.

Oh my, the Internet sure is awesome!




5 responses to “Play Dragon’s Lair online.

  1. Dragons lair / Space Ace, you have to wonder how many Amiga’s were sold just on the back of those titles. Terrible gameplay really – but they looked amazing as in-store demos.

  2. Those games always make me think about our local computer store back then. The guy was a genius. Dragons lair in the front window, an unofficial Monkey Island bundle with a disk drive (sure they fell off the back of a boat), used to stick a monkey island sticker on the drives box lol.

  3. Guy at our local store was kinda the same too, always making little homemade display areas for the latest game. For example, I remember lots of rocks, rubber snakes, toy gold and him wearing an Indy Jones costume his wife had made him once to promote Rick Dangerous on the Amiga. It worked, I brought it on the spot…great guy, great game too!

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