More Flappy Bird retro clones – ZX81 and Vectrex.

If you’ve done swearing at your Atari after the release of Flappo Bird on the 2600 a few weeks ago (, how about taking it out on your Sinclair ZX81 or MB Vectrex next? Both of these vintage systems have just seen the release of their own clones of the infuriating addictive Flappy Bird. Actually, the ZX81 and mighty Vec both deserve plenty of TLC and love so maybe it’ll be best to try these games out on emulation instead?…in fact, go hug your Vectrex right now 😉

Quack, for the ZX81 is by Bob, of Bob’s Stuff – maker of incredibly fun and playable  games for the ZX81 (and ZX Spectrum). and has a knack for squeezing every ounce of fun juice out of the tiny 81.

Yup, the ZX81 keyboard might be a bit pants but in this game but you’ll only need one. Mash away!



Tap to fly and avoid everything el…..dammit, faceplanted again! Can you beat my whopping high score of (fanfare) four points?





Over on the Vectrex we have VeccyBird and you’ll have to do a little more tapping to keep ‘flappy’ or whatever it’s name is, aloft and out of trouble.



Yup, I suck at this too…I think I’ve only made it past the third tube but like the original you just can’t put it down.




So there you go, two more fantastic clones of a game the world loves and hates….and hates…and then loves a bit more 🙂

Here’s the links –

Quack –

VeccyBird –






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