C64 Winter Olympic Challenge – Barrel Jumping…..attempt #2

One week in and we’re thoroughly enjoying the coverage of the Winter Olympics at Sochi. To  join in the fun at lunchbreak we thought we’d have our own mini retro game Olympic challenge courtesy of a few choice events from the Epyx series of Winter Games and the Games-Winter Edition on the Commodore 64 (Vice).  We also loaded World Games to see if anyone could beat our I.T. teams world record of jumping 18 barrels.

World Games C64


We should petition the International Olympic committee and have Barrel Jumping recognised as an official Olympic sport.



After many attempts and multiple fractures later the record still stands at 18 barrels. Going for silver I thought i’d have a go at besting my personal record of 15 barrels.

Previous attempts can be seen here – https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/c64-winter-challenge-barrel-jumping/

No only do you have to get your skaters rhythm correct, jumping at the last instance is key. I find that looking at the speed gauge and jump line rather than the actual skater seems to help.

Contestant StiGGy representing the Kingdom of Epyx (apparently this is where all of the ‘US Gold’ can be found 🙂 flings himself into the air.

Ice barrel jumping 16


A brief pause, and woo hoo, made it (only flippin just though!) and the SID chip goes wild.

16 barrels

The problem is…now i’ll have to tackle 17 barrels next time.

Fancy having a go ? Feel free to post your records in the comments section.






This time around, rather than on the Commodore 64, I’ve dug out my C64 DTV joystick which will be set up on our main TV throughout the Olympic games so that i can dip into a little light gaming between


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