Flappo Bird – Atari 2600

I guess I’ve been living under a rock here because up until recently, what with all the hubbub on the internet due to the game being pulled from the app store, I’d never even heard of Flappy Bird.

It’s a shame though it looked kinda cool and I do like those one button SFcave type games….in fact, let me throw this out there again. To the chap that made the incredibly exclusive and über rare, but oh so funtastically awesomeness that it VeCave for the Vectrex, check out the success of a Flappy Bird and just think how much £££ could be made if you rustled up another batch of those amazing cartridges. Many thanks – StiGGy

Any-ho, I might have missed it from the App Store but it looks like someone has created their own version for the Atari 2600 called Flappo Bird.

Which you can download here (and name your price).



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