Retro computer magazine scan #2

Good old Silica Shop and in the UK, pretty much synonymous with getting a great deal on either a new Amiga 500 or a Atari ST (or STe) package. Their ads featured in all of the computer magazines of the day and generally drooled over by many who we’re saving up their penny’s to enter the high tech world of 16 bit wonder.

Go back a little further like this scan from issue #4 of Computer and Video Games magazine – February 1982 and we see Silica Shop offering a whole range of funtastic electronic entertainment.


Quite a few of these devices appeared in our parents home back then such as the the Colour Cartridge T.V game, the Atari 2600 console, Speak and Spoll (:-)) and the simply awesome CGL Galaxy 1000 handheld game – which is still have with me today.

So going back, what would tempt me today? Well the Intellivision seems a bit pricey and the Teletext addon is rather pointless considering future TV’s would soon have it as standard and I don’t think our house is big enough for one of those telephone answering machines. So what’s left I wonder?

Well, I quite like the look of the Database TV game – surely the crappiest name for a console but I’m intrigued by those Atari 5200 styled joysticks and the price has been slashed too – Woooo!

You can’t go wrong with an electronic chess set though and the one pictured looks rather awesome. Sadly, I bet that’s the model they’re selling for £259.

The 24 tune electronic door bell could be rather fun and a snip at 13 quid – Just think how many people you could annoy with that one! Likewise the ‘Adding Machine’ might be worth a look also because not only could you have the LCD display ‘80085’, you could print it too 🙂

Decisions decisions!

p.s I brought Earth Invaders in the end.

P.p.s it was crap.


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