880 Gamer Magazine #2 – Amiga Magazine.

I must have missed this somehow so thanks for the heads up RetroCollect!


880 Gamer Magazine is a digital retro magazine for Commodore Amiga gamers. I’ve only had a quick scan during lunch break this afternoon but am definitely liking what’s going on here. It looks highly polished, had me laughing out loud on the few paragraphs I read and with the inclusion of vintage amiga/game adverts makes it appear just like a genuine publication of the 80’s and 90’s – a feature I wish Retro Gamer Magazine would bring back to their print mag.

The inclusion of a digital cover floppy disk is a great idea too and certainly in keeping with its retro flavour (and highly popular with other fan mags like Commodore Free) but maybe it would have been better to include more recent scene stuff, pd or home brew releases etc rather than a demo of an old game? – I guess that’s the whole point of keeping it old school though?

Either way, after a little more sanding of door frames when I get home tonight,I’m looking forward to putting ones feet up and having a really good look at this and issue #1.

Here the link to the downloads which include the pdf magazine and the adf cover disk.



2 responses to “880 Gamer Magazine #2 – Amiga Magazine.

  1. I am on page 6 now… “and where the opposition will oppose everything even when what they oppose is a good thing”. I know, this is not about retro and technology, but it reminds me how many great social/political/economy/school related topics shown up in computer mags in 90s. At least in Poland 🙂

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