Bartop arcade inspiration

I got chatting with my older brother over the Christmas holidays and he expressed an interest of wanting a full size MAME arcade cabinet like mine but didn’t have a great deal of room for one in his garage. I suggested a bar top cabinet instead and offered to build him one using various PC and arcade parts I have left over from various other projects.

I’m just having a browse around to get some design inspiration and found these posted on Instructables.

SNES arcade machine


Pretty cool aren’t they and could easily be adopted for MAME etc. I particularly like the modification the author has made to the SNES gamepad.

For my brothers Bartop, I’ll be using a Raspberry Pi and the GPIO controller method I used in my lunchbox arcade project (see previous blog post – PiCade Lunchbox Edition ). It should be a fun little project to do over the winter months and I’ll post more when I make a start.

Oh and btw, how sexy is that workspace, just look at that tool board, it’s a work of art! I need pegboard in my garage!



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