Classic Commodore Joystick.

I hope everyone is having a nice Christmas so far and enjoying whatever you’re doing.

I was loading the car up with gifts this morning before we head out to visit family and something caught my eye in the foot well behind the driver seat.

It’s a vintage Commodore 1311 joystick that I purchased at Revival Mini earlier in the month and I guess, after putting it on the back seat after the event, it must have slipped off and lodged somewhere under the driver seat.

I didn’t half get a ribbing from my friends when they saw me buying this. They laughed and said it’s one of the worst joysticks around. Sure it’s not at iconic as an Atari stick, as precise  as a Comp Pro 5000, as colourful as a Powerplay Cruiser or indeed as comfortable  as a Zipstick but I think it’s cool with it’s Commodore silver lettering, chunky red fire button and retro Vic-20 paintjob.

IMG_4497 (Custom)

I brought this off my friend Sophie, boxed and looking in very nice condition. For just a few quid I eagerly snapped it up as I’ve been after one of these sticks for a while now to match the white/beige Vic-20 paddles I have.

DSCF0331 (Custom)

Back home, and  as I’ve still got the C64 setup, I thought I’d give it a go using a few of the RGCD competition titles. It works, I’m pleased to say and the joystick movements are incredibly responsive and therefore perfect for twitch gaming. The triangular shaped rubber stick isn’t as bad as you’d think but the fire button isn’t exactly schmup friendly. At some point I’ll undo the fixing screws for a look-see inside to see if I can increase the button sensitivity as I can see myself getting quite a lot of use out of this stick.

IMG_4503 (Custom)

Am I the only one that thinks these sticks are cool?

DSCF0329 (Custom)


4 responses to “Classic Commodore Joystick.

  1. I’m with you. I’ve never understood the mockery this poor wee stick has suffered over the years. I find it comfy and responsive and, like you said, it matches the venerable Vic wonderfully. God, I love that machine! PS: Happy New Year. 🙂

  2. Hey Pedro, good to hear from you and a Happy New Year to you too.

    Nice to hear that there’s even more love out there for the ol’ 1311 as well. Double thumbs up of awesome-ness winging its way to you my friend.

    Kind regards


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