ZX Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard.

Elite Systems have announce plans to produce a new Bluetooth keyboard that’s styled after the classic ZX Spectrum. Initially for iOS and Android for use with ports of classic Elite games, being an iPad user, this is most interesting. However, mention of a PC version is even more exciting. Finally a rubber keyboard for speccy emulation?

You can read all about it here –





6 responses to “ZX Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard.

  1. I’m hoping there’s enough room inside to squeeze in a Raspberry Pi. Would be cool to run a c64 emulator it 😉

  2. Shame there’s no plans for full zx spectrum functionality with a system on a chip similar to the c64 joystick. Surely it’s possible and not too expensive to pull off.

  3. There are a few FPGA projects for the Spectrum. The Turbo Chameleon Spectrum core isn’t bad and there is a lot of work going on with other FPGA projects.

    I have to ask though – why the rubber one? Why!?!

    As a side note – Stiggy, if a 64 emulator goes anywhere near the above rubber monstrosity, you will burst into flame! It is a well know fact that every case of spontaneous human combustion is related to crossing the Spectrum / commodore line in unholy ways.

  4. I’ve got a friend who’s very keen on FPGA projects and always talking about this n that but its something I’ve not really looked at myself. Mental note to poke around I think.

    Regarding the use of the rubber Speccy, I’d guess it’s because it’s the most iconic of them all and small. Having said that, the zx80/81 are smaller but I don’t think you’d be wanting to type on those for a long time!

    I’m still on be fence about the iOS version as no doubt it’ll be locked into Elite’s own games pack (just like Atari’s arcade controller for iOS) but would consider it, say for example if it worked with ZX Spectaculator.

    It’s a PC version that I’m holding out for.

    Regarding the other matter, it’s too late for me my friend, I’ve danced with the devil on more than one occasion…phew, getting a bit warm here.

    However, it’s Christmas time, a time of forgiving and with that, its off to the c64 to confess my sins over a game of Chuckie Egg…..and a mince pie…..probably two.

    A Merry Christmas to you.

    Kind regards


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