Christmas fun with Commodore is Free #76

Perfect timing! Feet up, mug of good stuff and the latest issue of Commodore Free magazine.


and for some festive retro gaming, we’ve been having a laugh with Frosty the Snowman 2 which you can find on this months cover E-Tape.

‘Christmas is around the corner and Santa and his elves have hit the bottle. They are too drunk to go into the cave and pick up Christmas presents. So it is up to Frosty to pick them up and return them to the cave. Unfortunately, there is a problem for the poor dude. He has to run a long distance and jump over various hazards in which roam around each scene. Can Frosty or a friend, return presents to drunken old Santa before Christmas Day launches?’



Snow, Santa, presents, Christmas puddings of doom and SID renditions of ‘Walking in the air’, ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ and ‘Fairytale of New York’ what more could you want?





The E-Tape contains a .tap version of the game which is great for emulation or on hardware devices that support it but for  a regular .d64 image for playback on something like a SD2iec, head on over to CSDB –

Everybody now….’We’re walking in the airrrrrr…(do dooo do dooo)…..we’re floating in the moonlit skyyyyyyyy’ etc etc.

IMG_4490 (Custom)



2 responses to “Christmas fun with Commodore is Free #76

  1. I don’t understand this fascination, but I love to watch the pixel snow… Nowadays you can get HD quality snow on all these PC video cards or next gen consoles, but it does not beat that clunky awesomeness.

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