Grow your own Commodore?

Earlier in the week parts of the UK were hit by 140mph winds causing all manner of damage and tidal surges swamping many coastal regions. Where we live, we got off very lightly with only minor damage and congestion on the commute home as fallen trees and debris were cleared away.

Back home from work and having a look around in the dark, the garden had taken a bit of a battering including one of the bird tables that now resembled a pile of logs, various broken pots and the garden pond containing more twigs and leaves than water and fish. Typical as well, all of the cheap bird feeders hanging in the trees were seemingly untouched but the rather expensive one containing nyjer seeds had fallen and scattering its contents everywhere.

A small section of our roof must have been hit hard as well as we appeared we’d lost one of the slate roofing tiles and a whole section of a concrete ridge tile too. These things aren’t exactly light either!

Thankfully, the ridge tile had slid down and landed on the kitchen roof without damaging any more tiles along the way so at least I can reuse it.

I’ve got some chaps coming out to us this week to carry out repairs and repoint a few more ridge tiles along the extent of the roof line but as heavy rain had been forecast for today and next week I didn’t want leave it as and exposed to the elements until repairs are completed.

I’ve spent most the of day clearing up the garden and pond and cutting a few of the tree branches that were wind damaged and likely to snap soon, then it’s out with the ladders and up onto the roof to refit the ridge tile. Now I’m not the best with heights to say the least but over the years I’ve come to getting used to them having had to install Cat5e cable at great heights occasionally. Still, disco legs i had as i wobbled my way up the ladder carry a hefty great lump of a concrete :-s

Whilst I was up there I spotted way way back at the bottom of the garden, the missing slate roof tile – that’s some distance it must have flown and luckily had survived it’s flight. When I retrieved it, it was the object found underneath that’s most curious.

MOS 6522 VIA chip, probably from a Commodore 64.

DSCF0307 (Custom)

Hehe, moss is actually growing around the MOS too! In a few years, will I be picking my own Commodore’s as well as plums, pears and apples (eating type, not tablets….although ;-)).

DSCF0304 (Custom)


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