RGCD C64 Cartridge competition 2013.

On Sunday evening, the entrance deadline for the 2013 RGCD C64 cartridge competition ended and all games have now been released.


All in all, that’s a staggering twelve (plus three re-released) brand new swanky games for you to enjoy on your C64/emulator. Christmas has most certainly come early!

Here’s the list –

Bellringer III
Candle Burner 1.1
Cosmic Ark
Devil Ronin
Linus Vs Simon
Magic Duel
Micro Hexagon
Monster Buster
Revenge Of The Tomato
Rocket Smash

The only title I have played so far (although this was an early beta last year) is the remake of the Atari 2600 classic Cosmic Ark by fellow RCM’er and good friend Max Hall. I very much looking forward to playing the final release especially after hearing about the nightmare that Max has had squeezing the whole lot into just 16k.

Here’s the download link – http://downloads.rgcd.co.uk/projects/c64/RGCDCompo2013.zip


As I type this post, I’m currently writing to my EasyFlash cartr….actually, they’ve just finished so I’m off to give each game a twirl.

Have you played any of them yet?  Got a favourite title(s) you like to see crowned as the  winner of this years competition?

IMG_4381 (Custom)



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