My kinda stuff

My kinda store front…..wouldn’t shopping be so much more fun?

…my kinda ugly Christmas jumper.

Thankfully, I’ve only had to endure ugly Christmas jumper twice as a kid. The first being a paisley mix of brown, more brown, far too much red and green and a splash of purple and yellow thrown in for good measure….Oh and it had suede elbow patches. The second one didn’t look to bad until I saw the back…it had my name knitted in large capitals. It was a present from my dear Auntie who I love very much but my god, I would not have survived school if I’d worn it. I remember my younger brother sniggering as I gave the obligatory show of appreciation with beaming smiles masking the horror within. A few minutes later, he unwrapped his own ‘signed’ jumper. Bliss 🙂


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