Mojon Twins Cover Tape #2

Time for a change of hardware on the ol geek desk I think, so move over Commodore’s (just for a bit), the Sinclair ZX invasion has begun…..sorta….a faulty keyboard membrane swapout from my other 48k speccy and the invasion can truly begin.

I fancied trying something new this evening so after browsing around the World of Spectrum forum I landed upon the Mojon Twin’s website and a downloaded their latest game collection – Mojon Twin Cover Tape #2

The download contains .tap files for playback on a ZX emulator (ZxSpin is my fav) or on the real thing with something like a DivIDE device, or playback from an audio source (I’ve used my iPhone in the past) But for the ultimate 80’s experience, you can record the files directly on to an actual audio tape with one of the utility tools found on WOS. I’d really like to try this at some stage this week especially as the Mojon Twins have taken the time to provide a handy cassette box cover too.

I had to scale the image in Photoshop slightly to make it fit.

IMG_1643 (Custom)

The collection is a mixed bag of really neat little arcade platformers and overhead maze games and many appear to be variants of one another. Most are incredibly difficult though, requiring pixel perfect jumping that is often impossible on the ol rubber key Spectrum.

Of the twelve games included, here’s some of my favourites.

Sir Ababol 2 (demo)


A 48k demo of a future 128k release and one I’m looking forward to seeing more of in the future. At first I found it incredibly tedious especially as an ill timed jump will see your life end very quickly. However, it soon grows on you once you get the hang of the jumping mechanics. It doesn’t look to bad either and movement is very smooth and nicely animated.

Gameplay is pretty basic, collect stuff (coins) avoid the nasties (some you can stun with a well aimed whack with your sword) and collect keys to unlock more screens. Simple but fun….and most likely to have you cursing at everything 🙂 Oh..and it took me ages to figure out that you could smash the ice blocks!

Jet Paco


Now this one really will get you cursing as it certainly is a tough one. Gravity is reduced so you’ll need to be constantly on the controls to stop your little man from hitting pretty much about everything if you want to survive. Tough though it may be, I find that it’s another one of those ‘just one more go’ games.



I have no idea what the title means but I’m going with ‘explore vast maze and try not to touch pretty much anything’.

This top down adventure game is hugely enjoyable as you wander around and figure out the best ways of avoiding the baddies whilst picking up door keys, rescuing chickens in distress and sampling those health reviving scantily clad ladies….or possibly the other way around…probably.

I really like the look of this was one, typically Spectrum colour palette and brilliantly drawn tiles…..if only the C64 pixels were as slim as these!

Dogmole Tupolski


Another fine platformer that’s fun to play around with for a bit. Nothing new here but fun all the same especially as it features a dog…in a hat…who looks a bit like Rick Dangerous. What more could you want?



Better reach for the TV controls with this one as you’ll definitely be wanting to dial down some of that green. Eek, even my coffee looks green after playing this for a few minutes.

The aim of the game is to control your football around the flip screen map and seek out and rescue all of your fellow basketballs. I say ‘control’ very loosely though as you’ll spend half of the time being ricocheted off various obstacles and generally not going anywhere where you want to.

Give it time though as Balowwwn is actually rather fun….it’s just, my EYES!


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