Donkey Me.

Earlier on in the year, Gizmondo did a piece about a series of t-shirt prints depicting popular movies in the guise of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. Loved it, especially the ESB design –



The author points out that these would have made awesome video games and you’d have to agree, they most certainly would wouldn’t they?

Well, not only providing us with the most excellent Bruce Lee II, Bruno R Marcus and friends have only gone and done just that!

Donkey Me.

Absolutely loving the Star Wars themed levels with its little humorous touches and great rendition of the Mos Eisley cantina song that still retains those DK sounds and arcade cabinet bass notes.

A huge thumbs up of awesomeness for the Rambo theme tune too. Loving it!

Donkey Me is available for Windows/Mac/Linux and (woot woot) Ouya too so go check it out at –







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