GoG and Humble Bundle weekly promos.

Typical, I book a week off work and come Saturday morning, I wake to rather nasty bout of Man-Flu. All is not lost though as by the power of Grayskull and chicken soup courtesy of my wonderful wife, I’ve had enough strength to lift a single digit and  occasionally stab at my iPad screen thus making good headway into this year’s Christmas gift shopping . I find a ratio of one hour shopping to two hours nap time is paramount to speedy recovery.

..and treating oneself always helps too.

So I picked up these bargain beauties this weekend and a few days later, feeling much better, i can now give them a whirl.

Firstly, the latest Humble Bundle contains a huge pack of Zen Pinball tables (MS Win only) for just $1. Pay above $6 and you’ll get access to even more damn fine tables including Star Wars and Marvel/Avengers.



Now I’ll have to admit, I’m more of a Pinball Arcade fan than Zen Pinball and although it’s looks absolutely stunning, the few Star Wars tables I’d purchased for my iPad were a little difficult to play (especially Empire Strikes Back). However, on PC all those little nuances seem to have gone.


Pinball FX2 (Custom)


Pinball FX2 _b (Custom)

At the time of writing, this bundle is active for the next three days so grab it whilst you still can.


And on to Good Old Games next for there 60% sale price of classic FPS games.

Here I picked up the absolute classic – Medal of Honor:  Allied Assault Warchest collection which includes both the original game and the two expansion packs for a tanking bustin $3.99!

As always, GOG wraps up the package very nicely with plenty of additional bonus content.


mission_2_3 copy

…..and because my original CD is pretty much worn to transparency these days, I’ve also purchased a copy pf Unreal Tournament ’99 (GOTY) for $3.99.  Surely a must for any classic LAN party as it’ll run quite nicely on even a netbook.

Although it’s weekend promo and I’m writing this on Monday, you can still purchase these at the discount price for the next 13 hours or so.







2 responses to “GoG and Humble Bundle weekly promos.

  1. Winter is coming, indeed. It is knocking on my doors as well. Good to hear it was just a Man-Flu 😉

    Looks like you recovered from it. That’s great. What about recovery plan for that shopping made whilst in fever 😀 At least your presents are not expensive that match.

  2. Thanks buddy, I’m feeling much better today. Just as well really as there’s a few jobs I want to in the garden before winter really sets in.

    Funny you should mention ‘winter is coming’, I’ve just started reading book three of a Game of Thrones.

    Take care


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