Bomberland on EasyFlash cartridge

Ever since purchasing a digital copy of the new C64 game Bomberland from RGCD, I’ve been wanting to have it running (and load in seconds) via my EasyFlash cartridge. The problem is that the firmware for the Easyflash doesn’t support the Magic Desk cartridge images that RGCD use for their 64k releases.


However, a comment on CSDB hinted of a way of getting this to work by editing the actual cartridge image. I couldn’t find a suitable guide anywhere, so I thought I’d have a go myself.

To do this you will need the game file itself which can be purchased at RGCD and a hex editor.

For the editor I’m going to use C64Copy which is a utility program that runs in DOS and contains a whole heap of useful C64 tools. Even, if this Easyflash post isn’t of interest to you but you’re a C64 user, it’s well worth checking out this rather rather handy piece of software anyway.

As an alternatively to C64Copy that doesn’t require DOS, check out something like HxD instead –

You can download c64Copy from here –

Extract the contents of the C64Copy archive and place it somewhere suitable. I also find copying the Bomberland .CRT file into this folder to, so that they’re altogether for the next step.

Unless you’re really going old school and still rocking a DOS PC (kudos to you), C64Copy runs perfectly well under DOSbox and for and even easier setup, it’s well worth looking at D-BOX because all you need to do is simply drag/drop the app executable file over to D-Box and it will auto install, setup Dosbox and run.

Here’s C64Copy loaded and you can see that my Bomberland.crt file  is listed because I’d previously copied it to the C64Copy folder which DOSbox has mounted as the root (C:\) directory


C64copy has mouse support therefore select the .crt file and Press ALT and F4 (or press F9 and select Disk Hex Editor from the Emulation menu).

Woo, The Matrix….C64 style!


What we need to do is change the values at Address 0x00000017.

Move your cursor here as indicated by my big fat yellow arrow –  which I’ve just discovered you can draw with ease via Win7’s version of mspaint 🙂

You’ll also notice the Blue arrow (yup, I’m going all arrow-tastic in my screenshots now!) which indicates what the current value represents in ASCII. I’m guessing ‘!!’ signifies a Magic Desk cartridge indicator?


Press F3 to enter into edit mode and change the value from 13 (or whatever it is for you) to 05

Finally, Press F4 to save the changes to the file and press F10 to exit C64Copy.


Now all you need to do is write the edited .crt file to your Easyflash cartridge using EasyProg –

Here’s my  C64  with Easyflash Cartridge inserted, EasyProg loaded (via SD2IEC) and writing the .crt file (again from my SD2IEC). Note, that the .crt file is now listed as a Ocean cartridge due to the Hex editing I’ve done. I also noted that the original Bomberland file was 65k before editing and 64.1k) after editing.

IMG_4341 (Custom)

Testing time….woot woot, game on!


Many thanks to Enthusi of Onslaught for pointing us in the right direction.


6 responses to “Bomberland on EasyFlash cartridge

  1. Thanks for this, it worked a treat, and also works with Super Bread Box.

    I am on Mac, so had to find a Mac OS X hex editor, and “Hex Fiend” fitted the bill perfectly (and it’s free!).

  2. Correct mate – just wanted to add a few pictures as I didn’t initially realise you needed to use a hex editor to change the value.

    Loving the game and thanks to you, have the convenience of loading it via EZF.

    Kind regards


  3. I have a problem, if i place a modded bomberland and superbreadbox in the same easyflash image, loading either game i get bomberland will only load.. Any ideas, SBB by itself works fine.

  4. Hey Zharn, is this on an EasyFlash v1 cart and what software are you using mount the images?



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