Commodore 128 woes.

For a while now I’ve not been able to use my Commodore 128 as the power supply went south and refused to work again. Thankfully, when testing with a friends psu, it didn’t appear to have taken anything out on the mainboard.

Sourcing a suitable replacement has been quite difficult as C128 stuff doesn’t usually pop up  on eBay that often and looking further afield can often mean very high shipping charges especially as its quite a chunky brick of a power supply.

As a result, my C128 has been packed away for quite some time now 😦

A couple of weeks ago at Play:Expo, I was taking a little time out from the Pinball tables and had a look around some of the trade exhibition stalls. On once such stall, there was all manner of odd bits and bobs for older computers including a cardboard box that contained Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 power supplies. The box was marked ‘working £2- £5 each’  and I had a rummage around, I turned one over….and I saw this!


IMG_4244 (Custom)

I snapped it up immediately and the stall owner offered to keep hold of it for me so that I didn’t have to carry it around all day. Top chap!

Fast forward a few weeks later and a chance to test is out with the multimeter.

So far so good, so holdings ones breath, I hit the on button.

Lights are good……

IMG_4243 (Custom)

….sadly that’s about it. Absolutely nothing on screen 😦 I checked the A/V cables and also swapped them for standard RF, but still nothing I’m afraid.

More testing required of course but I’ll certainly not be giving up. This C128 will live again!


2 responses to “Commodore 128 woes.

  1. still a chance the PSU is duff. Did you manage to check any voltages from it?
    You may not get a true representation without it being under load but if there is anything majorly wrong then you could possibly see it

  2. Thanks JT, I’m going to have another look at it and I’ll let you know. It’s a shame I don’t even have video, I could at least drop a utility cart on the EasyFlash.

    Hope you and team JT are all keeping o.k. anyways.

    Speak to you soon.


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