Eye candy.

Woo, the internet sure is full of interesting bits and bobs tonight. My eyes on stalks, jaw somewhere flapping around my knees at all this geek candy.

First up is a look at the new trailer (#2) for the 2014 Robocop film. I’m praying they don’t stuff this reboot up.

Noted in this months Retro Gamer Magazine newsletter – Sega’s Master System mascot Alex Kidd comes to back to our screens on a most unlikely platform. Yup, the ZX Spectrum. It’s courtesy of a fan made (free) homebrew release and I for one and so looking forward to playing this this weekend. Rubber key colour clash-tastic awesome-ness!

One of the landline telephone sets we have in our house is an old (and extremely heavy) Bell RTT from the 1950’s which we had converted for use with the current exchange. Its a nice period piece that’s both functional (although dialling each individual number is a very slow process) and fits in with the 1920/30 decor we both favour in our hallway.

How about something a little more functional but retaining a vintage style?

iPhone Steampunk telephone set.



And finally, how about a downloadable Mortal Kombat style 2D fighting game where combatants are monsters and villains of classic 80’s and 90’s horror movies?

Jason vs.Chucky?

Pinhead vs.Freddy Kruger?

Scream vs. Maniac Cop?

All of the above please.

Terradrome – http://www.terrordrome-thegame.com/

All hail the Internet, so say we all.


2 responses to “Eye candy.

  1. I just hoping that Robo isn’t as too fluid in movement like the trailer appears to hint at. Peter Weller had the clunky cyborg movements down to a tee.

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