Cinemaware Kickstarter to remaster classic Wings.

I was a bit gutted when i saw that Cinemaware’s original Kickstarter project to update their classic Amiga game Wings was shot down miles from home.

Well, it sounds like they’re preparing to be having another go at it soon and have released this new teaser video which hints at a playable demo too. Here’s hoping they’ll receive enough war bonds (sorry) this time around to make Wings:Remastered a reality.


4 responses to “Cinemaware Kickstarter to remaster classic Wings.

  1. I hear you mate. In fact, it’s been some time since I’ve played the original (and many of the other Cinemaware games) on the Amiga therefore, as I’ve still got my A1200 setup on my desk, I think a little light gaming is in order this weekend.



  2. remember last week I was asking about using WDHL on WINUAE, well away at a stag weekend last week and got on the subject somehow, anyway one of my mates pipes up “yeah mines still at my mums you can have it if you go collect it” great I said what is it an A500 no he said a full 4000 set up inc hd and monitor and 8mb ram, Result or what!

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