C64 Fireworks.

No, thankfully that doesn’t mean my Commodore 64 has exploded.

It’s Guy Fawkes night tomorrow so in celebration of the failed attempt to light up Parliament, we’ll be having ourselves a small bonfire outside, a few fireworks and plenty of traditional bonfire night food. On the menu are mushy peas & mint sauce (which must be served in a cup or mug….don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those weird traditions), hotdogs piled high with fried onion, ketchup and hot mustard, jacket potatoes cooked in the bonfire until they’re nice and crisp, toffee apples and of course…bonfire toffee…and plenty of it…..and possibly a trip to the dentist afterwards.

For a few laughs I thought I’d load a copy of Activision’s Complete Computer Firework Celebration Kit on my C64.

Once loaded you’re presented with a simple editor where you can create your masterpiece display. There are many firework styles to choose from and all can be customised to your liking including colour, size and position. You can also add backdrops, static and scrolling text, fuse delays, background music as well as non firework items to add that extra bit of pizazz.



Wooooo, weeee, horaaaaah etc etc – yup, lots of imagination is required here! Actually, for a 1985 release, the animation isn’t that bad.



Be safe and have a great BF night.




2 responses to “C64 Fireworks.

  1. Yeahhh… I remember spending hours and hours of time on this thing. Was on my second disk, that I got and it would take another two years to have my first lesson in English. So it was a case of changing the settings and finding out what they did. I really love the effects and still think they are done nicely. Wish I had so much time for such things these days…

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